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Recovering From a Binge

Normally I wouldn't post again this soon, but after my last post I had a mini melt-down. CRAZY. I got that bingey feeling. If you've ever struggled with this you know exactly what I mean. I cannot remember the last time I felt that way. Honestly, I thought I was through all that. But, apparantly no, and I have 900 calories consumed by 7:30 am to show for it. I am not feeling particularly stressed out, or emotional in any way. I'm a little tired, got up early because I was wide awake in bed at 4 am. Really nothing to explain this, sorta random. I am beginning to wonder if I am honestly trying to sabotage myself?!

UGH, so stuffed. Stupid. Looking for silver lining: No junk food in the house, so everything I scarfed was healthy by default and I went straight to Twitter and then here for accountability. HUGE thanks to for her humor. She really helped talk me down off the ledge. I have tracked EVERYTHING consumed. No more hiding and lying to myself. The feeling, urge, has passed. Although I didn't ride it out as well as I would have hoped, in the past it would have lasted all day or several days. Choosing to be thankful I am feeling past it already.

I feel a little wind taken out of my sales for regressing. It's almost like if there was some 'trigger' to explain it I'd feel better. But, I'm OK and I'm on my way!

So, how do you recover from a binge? Well, apparantly you blog about it, lol. Then, I am going to continue to track my calories for the rest of the day no matter what. I am going to focus on getting my water in. I am going to make better choices for the rest of the day. Most importantly, I am going to forgive myself and try to learn from it.