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Feeling Brave

I was feeling brave this weekend and posted a pic of myself on twitter. It was originally just a silly tweet that I had done my hair and makeup and thought it should be documented. As a mom these things don't happen as much as they used to!

I got such sweet responses from all my tweeps that I got even braver and changed my Twitter avatar to an actual picture of me. OOOOooo, I know. Again, such sweet complimentary responses from my twitter friends. I felt oddly brave!

Which got me thinking... Why don't I want to put my face out there? Why am I so chicken about it? 

It made me realize that I am worried about people I know finding my blog. Strange. But true. The only people I know (offline) that have read my blog are my husband and Vonda.

It's not because I am embarrassed of my blog. It is because I'm proud of it and I love it! I can reveal my most tender vulnerable stuff and you guys don't judge. I can be unedited me and you guys still like me. I don't want that ruined. How sad that I feel safer with a relative group of online strangers than the people I interact with in my daily life. But it's absolutely true.

I discussed these feelings with hubby and Vonda. They both told me that yes, some people where I live might use it for fuel to talk about me or laugh at me. But those that matter. Those that I love and care about. Wouldn't.

So, NOW I'm going to get over feeling like my blog and I are hiding. I am proud of it. I am proud of me. 

You've met so many of my blogger friends on Fridays,! HI!