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Funky Friends Friday

I was perusing the blogs last night and noticed that several of my friends are in 'funks'. Also, on Twitter a few have said things about being in a funk, and one friend just hasn't been around and I suspect he's in a funk. The crazy thing was my browser or internet was being weird and I couldn't leave comments on blogs or send DM's on Twitter last night. I could go to a page, but as soon as I tried to do one of those things I got an error page.

Well, ha ha Google Chrome, you shall not thwart me! I am dedicating an entire blog post to my funky friends. Take that.

I have been intimately acquainted with that up and down emotional roller coaster. I know how it can be. Many of you are frustrated with your life in general, or frustrated that you are making poor eating choices, not working out enough, not seeing the results you want, whatever. I know how you feel, I've been there.

I think that many of us think the battle we are fighting is completely physical, meaning we just need to move more, eat less, problem solved. While that is a huge part of it, it's not the whole picture for most of us. The mental/emotional aspect is a huge part of our struggles.

I would have to say that the mental/emotional side of things is 80% of the problem, and has to be addressed or none of our changes will mean a flying fig. Negative self talk, depression, and a negative attitude are some of the underlying problems we have to focus on to truly win this battle.

Are you talking down to yourself? Does your mind tell you you're: fat, ugly, stupid, not worth it, nothing? The negative adjectives can be endless. I know, I've flung them all at myself many times. But, I want you to hear me here: YOU ARE GREAT. Seriously. Take that in. You are. Stop the negative self talk. Do whatever you have to. When these thoughts creep in, talk back to yourself. I know, sounds weird. But tell yourself you are pretty awesome and have so much to offer! Because you DO. This negative self talk is only holding you back from the amazing person you are meant to be. Trust me.

Are you beating yourself up for the bad choices you've made lately? For not getting the physical results you want? Stop that. Just do. It doesn't help. It only hurts you. Stop hurting my friend. Please.

A negative attitude is another huge thing that will always defeat you. It takes work to change it, but it can be done. You don't have to be that Debbie Downer, that Negative Nelly forever. I used to be the most negative, critical person. Oh ya, that was me. But I have worked hard to become more positive and encouraging. I feel so much better now. You will too. When you notice yourself going down that negative, complaining road, just stop. Look at the positive things and people in your life. Focus on the good. 

One thing I do when I'm feeling down, or negative, is to do something nice for someone else. Often, I just cruise around the blogs and leave encouraging comments. It helps. When we shift the focus off ourselves for a while, and onto doing something nice for someone else, we get an automatic lift.

Many of us think that the source of our problems are outside of ourselves. While that may or may not be true, we can't change the people or even some of the situations in our lives. But we can change ourselves. We can choose to be the best us we can be. Believe me, once you are doing that the other things will seem less burdensome. You may even come to see that you can make different choices to affect those people and situations too. But, if you can't, you still deserve to be the best you possible, and you know what? The rest of the world deserves the best you too. Don't hold that back from us.

I don't want to pretend that I know it all, I don't. But I know that funks suck. I know that they try to grab hold and keep us down. Please, don't let them. You rock. You have a purpose, you have meaning, and these funks and negative thoughts/attitudes are keeping you from that!

If you are in a funk, I am asking you to do two things for me: write a blog post and tell me 5 things that make you pretty awesome and then go do something active, even if it is only for 10 minutes.

You are pretty great...believe it.