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This is the point of change

I've been lurking around the blogs this morning (lurking because every time I go to leave a comment I get an error message, something with my browser me thinks) and I came across something that set off bells, whistles, and alarm sirens in me:
"It occurs to me that this is the point in the program where I usually start my inexplicable, out-of-control ascent back to obesity. This is generally the point where all the good work I’ve put in goes out the window.

Not this time.

Not this time.

Not this time."

Um, yes. This is the point in my weight loss where I generally regress and gain like 50 pounds. This is the point I usually give up. This is the point I usually get frustrated with not seeing quick results and belly up to the blizzards and peanut butter cup ice cream; the point I drown my sorrows in iced caramel macchiatos and lots and lots of buttered toast with strawberry jam on top. This is the point I usually stop working out and just hang it all. 

This is the point I usually give up on me.

Well, in the now infamous words of the wonderful Jack Sh*t:

Not this time.

Not this time.

Not this time.

This is the point of change. This, right here is where I dig my heels in and shout at the top of my lungs NOT THIS TIME!

This time I keep going. 
This time I believe in me. 
This time I remember how crappy the sugarfests leave me feeling and skip them altogether. 
This time I hang on tight to my good choices even if the scale shouts at me they're not working. 
This time I love me enough to take care of me. 
This time I continue to do the hard work no matter what. 

This time I don't give up on me!

We used to have a poster when I was little of a little mouse hanging tightly to a rope. It said, "when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!"

That is what I do today, I tie that knot and hang on for dear life.