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Monday Miles--8 Mile Run and My Passionate Love For Sweaty Bands

Happy Monday everyone! If you're looking for the final Awesome by August weigh in you can find it here.

I took some time off running this last week because my hip was sore. This weekend it was feeling pretty good so I went ahead and ran my 8 mile long run yesterday. It was a little tough. Mostly mentally tough. But I pushed through. 

I am being very careful about my hip this time around. If I think it needs rest, then rest it gets. No over-training and running a painful race this time around! I even decided this weekend that if it gets worse I may back off and skip my half. As hard as that is to say and even though I am really hoping that won't be the case, I have decided I will not be doing the whole injury-can't-run-for-months thing again.

Other than hip worries my training is going great. I feel strong. I'm enjoying playing with running gear again. I am wearing my Polar F6 while I run. It's a whole new perspective watching my heart rate while I run. I used to just watch it for calories burned, now I use it as a gauge of how hard I'm pushing. My Pumas are rocking this half training, I'm so pleased with them. They're finally dirty. I've had to run a dirt road lately and so they're not so pristine anymore, they look well loved. I have also found something else I'm pretty excited about:

IMG01014.jpg sent me two of their headbands to try. I will be doing a whole review post/youtube video about them, but I really am so excited about them that I had to share. They stay on my head! I know for a 'head'band that should be a given, but I have tried so many different kinds to find something cute that would stay put through a run and found nothing...until now!

I like to put my hair in a pontytail while I run, but with my long bangs I need something to keep them outta my face. Everything I've tried thus far will not stay in. They go zinging off my head mid-run. Not cool. 

That cute little flower pattern Sweaty Band on the left in the pic above stayed put through my entire 8 mile run! Yep, I'm in love.

What running gear (or workout gear) are you currently in love with?