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The Paleo Diet Experiment know all that stuff I've said about not really 'doing' diets know, how I like to read lots of books on diet plans, etc, take the pearls of wisdom, include them in how I eat/live and ditch the junk...well, generally that's how I feel. 

Buuuuut, I just read The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain and I'm going to do an about face and jump in and test it out. That's just how I roll, ha ha ha. Not because it's some new diet fad that has come along, but because I've read it and it sounds like something that my body will get along great with.

I do still think it's a constant journey of figuring out what works for me, and that is the main reason I'm going to try this way of eating. I know personally I feel better on high protein and less grains, etc. That's what Paleo is based on. Lots of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, healthy oils and some nuts. That's the diet in one sentence!

It sounds like something that will work for me. Something I will be able to sustain and feel good on. And after a couple weeks of consuming junk it honestly sounds like bliss. I'm starting to feel tired/sluggish again and that just won't work. I have a busy life to lead and I need to fuel my body well for it. As of today it's good-bye junk, hello Paleo.

Maybe this is just a rabbit trail in figuring out what works for me, or maybe it could be what works for me. We'll see. But I'm game to find out. Either way it will be a learning experience with wisdom gained along the way.

I'm committing to 30 days of Paleo. Then I'll assess where I'm at and how I feel. Stay tuned!

Have you heard of this book/diet? Has anyone tried it?