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Review: The Situation Workout

I'm a big fan of Jersey Shore...if by big fan you mean I watch it and am more then mildly embarrassed to admit that. So obviously when I heard that 'The Situation' Mike Sorrentino had a workout DVD...well, I just had to review it. 

Before I get into my opinions of it, how about a brief description of what the workout includes? The workout is set up in 5- 15 minute segments: Ripped Upper Body, Juiced Glutes and Legs, Killer Arms, Awesome Abs, and Insane Abs. Each segment goes in the same pattern: 3 different strength moves followed by 30 seconds of a cardio move. Then you do the same pattern with new moves, then you will repeat the entire circuit, and end in a 'situation superset'. For instance in juiced glutes & legs you do: squats with dumbbells, then squats with no dumbbells, then jump squats, then a boxing shuffle for your 'active recovery'. Then forward lunges with dumbbells, forward lunges without weights, jump lunges, and boxing shuffle for active recovery. Repeat all of that and then end in a squat with a side lunge.

Right now you can watch it on Netflix instant play (which is what I did). I absolutely recommend doing that first if you're considering buying this. 

At one point Mike says this is the first video of its kind. Lets all be thankful for that. I had hopes that maybe this was fun and a good workout. Sadly, it's exactly what you'd expect. Therefore, lets hope it will also be the last video of its kind. (He points out several times that if you don't like this workout you're just a hater, so I guess here goes his daily dose of 'vitamin H'.)

The moves done and the workout itself actually aren't bad...

If you can stomach the heavy dose of immature sexual innuendo and groping/straddling of the female workout participants. And, Mike really needs some lessons on form and form instruction. His sucks. Plus, he's so pigeon toed that it was a little tough to watch his form, well that and this little prancing wiggling thing he does with his feet when doing arm moves, the boy can't stand still, very distracting. OK, and his habit of saying 'OK' constantly was more than mildly annoying! Well, there was also his saying 'pretty much' a bazillion times. AND his outfit was a little doofy. He also tells you many, many times that the other male workout person is his 'buddy from college The Unit'. But honestly, I think he just wants to stress that he went to college. Other than all that it was a great DVD ;)

Honestly, I think that if Mike made a serious workout DVD (after receiving a little instruction on form and teaching form of course) it would be a good workout. But playing up his 'The Situation' persona so much in this one just ruins it. If you're a HUGE 'The Situation' fan and already well versed in exercise form, then this workout DVD may be for you. Otherwise, I give it 2 stars and do not recommend it. 

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