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FitViews Reviews

When I started my blog almost 2 years ago as Adventures in Dietland one of my main focuses was reviews. I personally found that wading through hundreds of reviews on a specific product, or worse, wading through the 5 that sound like they were written by the author/company ceo's mother, to be extremely frustrating to say the least. I hoped to create a place where people could get to know me...the reviewer. Recently when I asked my Dietland readers their favorite thing about my blog, the number one answer was: my honesty. That made me feel great!

Now, I've changed my blog to FitViews, but it's still the same me, and I still plan to focus a lot on reviews. I wanted to put up this post to give a little general information about my reviews and as reference for people reading my reviews. It will also be linked to in the Reviews page of this blog and most review posts.

Please note: I am not a trainer, nutritionist, or any type of health professional. What you read in all my reviews are my personal experiences and opinions.

First, I will always be completely honest with my opinion of products. Yes, often companies send me free products to review and/or giveaway. Or pay me for my time to try out and write my review of their product. As a stay at home mom that homeschools my children, my only contribution to our household finances is through my blog. I see nothing wrong with this. But on the same hand, I also often purchase things for review on my own, out of my own pocket. No matter how a product comes into my hands I am always completely honest. My integrity and that of my blog are extremely important to me. I am unwilling to jeopardize those in the interest of 'keeping a company happy'.

Second, I strive to give as much information as possible on a product, DVD, book, etc without giving away everything. For instance, if I review a cookbook I will give as much info as I can, but I won't give out recipes. I feel like the author is owed that respect.

Third, a little personal background on myself:
  • 5' 6" tall, 175 pounds, 35 year old female.
  • I consider myself an intermediate, bordering on advanced exerciser. I have ran 1 marathon and can do intense workouts such as Insanity.
  • When I say I lift 'heavy' when I lift, for me this means 10-20 pound dumbbells.
  • I always workout at home or outside. Never at a gym.
  • I use a Polar RS300X SD Watch to monitor my heart rate and track calories burned in workouts.

I give all of this information for your reference in comparing my results with a workout. For instance, if I burn 400 calories in a workout, I am at an advanced fitness level for some and yet still a little heavier (for example, when I do jump moves I'm lifting more body weight than someone who weighs less). So my calories burned may be more than yours would be in a given workout; depending on your personal situation. But you can still use my calories burned as comparison from workout to workout. 

Last, my FitViews rating system:
1 Star: hated it.
2 Stars: it didn't wow me, don't recommend.
3 Stars: Average. Good.
4 Stars: Liked it, would recommend to a friend.
5 Stars: WOW. Love it.

I hope all of this is helpful for everyone reading my future reviews!