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Weigh In Wednesday 10/26

I debated whether I still wanted to include my Wednesday weigh ins when I changed my blog to Fitviews. The decision was: absolutely! I very much so want to still share my story, my struggles, my successes. The accountability and support I receive here is priceless.

This week I'm not going to bother listing out my weight and stats, they're exactly the same as last week (you can click there if you want to see them). I seem to be in a bit of a holding pattern right here. This next week my plan is to kick the exercise up a notch. I have a ton of DVDs to review, so that ought to do it! I also may track my food a few days, just to check in where I'm at. Maybe do a few food posts on here. It always helps when you know what you ate for the day is going to be live, on the internet!

Also...dairy. Oh how I love dairy. But apparently it doesn't love me so much. Since going Paleo/Primal I've toyed around with dairy to see how it affects me. The last week I included a sprinkle of cheese here and there and a little whey protein along with the cream in my coffee and pasture butter I have always included. The results? Well, besides the lack of weight loss, my acne is worse again, and by worse again I mean terrible. So...sadly, I have to ditch the cheese and whey protein again. I don't know why I keep expecting a different response with this. I know, I know, definition of insanity and all. So I'm not sure if it's the total amount of dairy I consume, or the specific types, but I'm going back to just a little cream in my coffee and a little grass fed butter here and there.

Another week battling the 175 plateau. I keep dancing right around this number, a little up, a little down, right back here. My goal for the week is to BUST through it! It's not that I'm worried about the number so much as I can tell by my measurements and how I feel, my clothes feel, etc that I've stalled out.

What do you do when you hit a plateau?

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