Tuesday, October 23, 2012

JNL Fusion Review - Update

You might have noticed that there was no week 1 JNL Fusion post or vlog. No results, no review of week 1. Nada.

Slight change of plans.

I found out I'm pregnant!

This obviously changes my goals with this workout, and therefore how I'll structure this review. 

I am going to finish the workouts, but I'll be dialing back the intensity a bit, possibly working out less days (depending how I feel this first trimester), and not lowering my calories. So, blogging weekly and tracking my weight and measurements would be pretty pointless! 

I will however do a full review of JNL Fusion once I'm through the workouts.

Yes, I'm a tiny bit sad that THESE jeans:

...well, they'll have to wait a bit longer...But I'll happily trade them for these jeans:

PS are these not the cutest things ever?