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Gratuitous pic of last night's dinner. Because I'm a blogger and it's what I do...
Two things:

1. Hubby and I are starting the 21 Day Sugar Detox next Monday. Join us?

The 21-Day Sugar Detox

We'll both be doing level 3 (because we already eat Paleo) with two exceptions: I'll be doing the breastfeeding modifications and we'll both likely still have dairy in our coffee (though I may go back to my Paleo coffee creamer sans honey, we'll see).

Yesterday I made a meal plan and grocery list for next week. I have to say I'm pretty excited! Some people don't do well with this type of thing. Tell them to eat a certain way and they rebel or start craving what the plan says not to have. I however thrive with this type of thing. I know I'm a broken record, but: it's all about finding what works for you! I like structure, and I like doing things like this with friends/community. 

2. I started a new account on My Fitness Pal (I was still katdoesdiets! lol, every time I think I've wiped that old handle off the internets...)

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods

Friend me if you're on there! I'm thinking of opening up my food diary, etc for friends to see. Anyone else do that? Seems like amazing accountability, lol. Heck, my life is an open book...

Body After Baby - Losing The Baby Weight - 5 Weeks Postpartum

I can't believe it's been 5 weeks already! Time flies...

My stats this week:
Weight: 196 (yep, that's a pound UP)
Bust: 44 1/2
Waist: 37
Hips: 44
Clothing Size: 13/14

That one pound gain doesn't worry me. My measurements are all the same. 

This first 6 week period postpartum my focus isn't really weight loss anyway. I'm focused on healing

With fitness I'm focused on moving again, working my way back rather than just jumping in with both feet at the 6 week mark. The walking and yoga has been perfect for this.

With nutrition I'm tracking to see where I'm at, not to keep myself at a certain calorie level. I want to know where I'm winding up calorie-wise on my own and also where I'm coming in nutrition-wise. Am I getting enough iron, vitamins, etc, etc.

My goals this past week and how I did:
  1. Drink 3 liters of water daily. I made this most days. Hooray!
  2. Walk 20 minutes 5 or 6 days. I did 4 days. I'll call that a win.
  3. Postnatal yoga 2 or 3 days. Did 2 days! I did have to modify the DVD a bit. There were a few poses my midwife doesn't want me attempting yet, but it felt amazing to do.
  4. Get a phone. Some unexpected expenses came up and I didn't order a phone, BUT hubby did manage to get my phone to come back on. Instagram was in and out (and I had to delete twitter and facebook to get it to work at all. I know, gasp!), but I was able to use My Fitness Pal and track a few days.
  5. Get out of my food rut. I'll give myself a C grade here. I did much better with dinners, but still in a big rut with breakfasts and lunches.
From tracking my food this week I discovered two things. 

First, my food rut has meant my not getting proper nutrition. Though I prefer to get my nutrition from real food, I'm taking my prenatal vitamin again until I get that straightened out.

Second, I'm eating too much. Mainly too many nuts, which has my calorie level pretty high for me (even while breastfeeding). I'm not going to worry about this too much until the 6 week mark, but at that point I'll need to get a handle on that in order to lose fat.

My goals for this next week:
  1. Drink 3 liters of water daily. I still need to focus on this because I'm terrible at getting enough water while I'm breastfeeding.
  2. Hikes 4 or 5 days. I'm going to graduate my walks on the treadmill to hikes with the family. Not strenuous hikes, just walking the goats on our property. I feel ready to up things just a bit.
    Where we hike.
    Baby O. loves her Moby wrap for hikes.
  3. Postnatal yoga 2 days. 
    The postnatal yoga I'm doing.
  4. Meal plan and make a grocery list for next week. Hubby and I are planning on doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox (I'll do another post on this) starting August 5th.
Next week will be my 6 week mark and I should have the OK to resume a more normal fitness routine (though I'll still be listening to my body, modifying where needed, and working my way back). I'm so excited to be able to ruuuuuuuuun! And I'm pretty sure my weights have missed me like WHOA.
They look lonely, no?
I still haven't decided which program I'll be blogging through. Programs (like Body Revolution, TurboFire, etc) work for me because I like the structure. Blogging through one helps me with accountability. It's all about finding what works!

Have you tried any new workout programs lately?

Disclaimer: I am not a trainer, doctor, or any type of health professional. What you read is not advice. Always check with your doctor or midwife for what is best for you.

Sleep? I Remember Sleep... It Was My Favorite

Someone's been sleeping in my bed... And it's not me! But oh the cute. The cute.
I am not one that needs lectured on the importance of sleep. Totally on board here that sleep is as important to my well-being as food and fitness.

Around the same time I went Paleo 2 years ago I also began making sleep a priority. I quickly realized that I am someone that NEEDS their sleep. 8 or 9 hours a night became my norm and I was a happier and healthier wife/mama/friend/person as a result.

Sleep affects everything for me. It affects my mood, my fitness, my attitude, my weight (whether I'm maintaining or trying to lose weight), and my appetite. Not to mention my energy levels, my focus.... OK, you get the point. 

I. Need. My. Sleep.

Which of course with a new baby I'm not getting right now. Most nights I am sleeping 5 or 6 hours. I know some people routinely get that much and do fine, but I'm not one of those people.

I've been struggling getting to bed before 10:30 or 11:00. The baby tends to eat around then and instead of going to bed at 9 (yes, I'm a grandma and go to bed early. I really do puffy heart sleep.) as usual I just stay up until after that feeding and then go to bed. Then of course she wakes up to eat 2 or 3 more times in the night. Aaaaand, I still get up at 5 or 6 like usual.

"Nap when the baby naps," I'm routinely told. Funny thing: I hate naps. Yep, hate them. I always feel groggy and weird when I wake up. Not rested like you're supposed to feel. Also, they seem like a complete waste of productive time to me (I know, I know). 

Bottom line: I need sleep! Things are going to head south fast (What a weird saying. Anyone know where it comes from? Wait, if it's inappropriate or something don't tell me...) around here if I don't get some.

Seriously, I had to go back through and edit this because I was repeating myself. I said sleep affects my mood like three times. Freudian slip?

I'm going to have to figure out how to make my sleep a priority in this situation. 

First thing, I am going to try and go to bed at 8 or 8:30. Not sure if I can pull it off, but I'm going to try. If you see me on social media after 9 PM tell me to go to bed...really. I'm also going to try and sleep in a bit later. And, if I must, I'll nap. But really, am I the only one that thinks naps in the summertime just make you sweaty and icky? Just me?

The past few years I've learned that I have to take care of myself in order to be the best wife-mom-friend-blogger-person-etc-etc. Skimping on self care only cheats everyone in my life. I know how to take care of myself and I'm not doing it lately. I realize things won't be 100% perfect until she's a bit older and sleeping through the night, but I hope I can do better than I am now! Oh sleep, how do I love thee...

How about you: do you make sleep a priority? How many hours do you get a night?

Disclaimer: This blogger is operating on much less than optimum sleep levels. If any of the above comes out as nonsensical ramblings please move along. Nothing to see here.

Body After Baby - Losing The Baby Weight - 4 Weeks Postpartum

Two words for this last week: EPIC. FAIL.

Not beating myself up, more laughing at myself.

I was so excited to start working on my fitness again, to lose the baby weight, to do. this. thing. I just knew that when I had the OK to do more I'd jump at the chance and be off and running (but not actually running...yet).


This week completely got away from me. Bottom line: I underestimated the power of sleep deprivation and the new demands on my time.

Not making excuses, just trying to figure out how to make this work.

Random side note: I really want a rowing machine. Image from pinterest.
My stats this week are exactly the same as last week (no surprise):
Weight: 195
Bust: 44 1/2
Waist: 37
Hips: 44
Clothing Size: 13/14

My goals for the past week and how I did:
  1. Drink more water. I was aiming for 3 liters a day and fell short most days, some days only managing a liter. 
  2. Walk 20 minutes most days. I think I managed two walks.
  3. Postnatal yoga 2 or 3 times. I didn't even find the DVD!
  4. Track my food. My phone died (like bury it in the yard, dead as a door nail died. OK, I won't really bury it in the back yard. I'll recycle it or whatever it is that us hippie, green, caring people do with dead phones these days.). I had intended to track this week using My Fitness Pal on my phone. Instead of tracking on the computer or even just in a notebook... I didn't track.
  5. Bring variety back! I've gotten into a bit of a food rut. Still residing in said rut.
Ya, totally bombed. Not like me at all. I'm obviously struggling with getting back in the groove of things. BUT, today is a new day and this is a new week. Onward.

My goals for this week (I can do this, I can do this, I can do this...):
  1. Drink 3 liters of water daily. My plan is to fill my water bottles at night so that they're in the fridge and ready to go every morning.
  2. Walk 20 minutes 5 or 6 days. I'm going to try to do this first thing in the AM before the holy-cow-I'm-exhausted-feeling hits me.
  3. Postnatal yoga 2 or 3 days. Immediately upon hitting publish on this post I will go FIND said DVD.
  4. Get a phone.  I've drooled over them for far too long and finally think I'm going to go with this one (I'm bad with decisions). Maybe not exactly health and fitness related, but tracking on my phone is easy and to do that I need...a phone. I also want to instagram my meals, workouts, etc. It helps me stay accountable.
  5. Get out of my food rut. Seriously, the same 2 or 3 meals every day? Getting old.
I underestimated just how hard this would be. But it's important to me and so I will figure out how to work from where I'm at! It's all any of us can do.

How about you? How'd your week go? What are your goals for this next week?

Disclaimer: I am not a trainer, doctor, or any type of health professional. What you read is not advice. Always check with your doctor or midwife for what is best for you.

Body After Baby - Losing The Baby Weight - 3 Weeks Postpartum

Finally! My first Body After Baby post. I've been looking forward to this series for months, but seriously: Holy. Cow. It's amazing how the addition of one so little (and cute, don't forget cute) has changed so much. I've been struggling for a week and a half to get this post together! I originally hoped to get a 2 week postpartum post up. Ah well...
#BabyO arrived June 25th!
The first 2 weeks postpartum my only focus was resting, healing, and bonding with baby. No housework, no exercise (not even walks) midwife's orders (because I had an increased risk of uterine prolapse). 

Not going to lie: it was kind of nice. Hubby cooked amazing healthy meals for me, cleaned, took care of the older kids, and did the grocery shopping... and I took care of baby and rested. Bliss.

Once I hit the 2 week mark (which was last Monday) I had the OK to do 20 minute easy walks. I can also do some gentle postnatal yoga. It may not sound like much, but I am so glad to be able to MOVE this body again! Oh yes, and hubby is terribly happy I can cook and clean again as well.

Today I'm at 3 weeks postpartum. My weight has leveled off from losing the initial weight we tend to lose post-baby. It seems a good time to share my stats. 

My starting stats:
Weight: 195
Bust: 44 1/2
Waist: 37
Hips: 44
Clothing Size: 13/14
3 weeks postpartum. July 15, 2013.
Not going to lie, it's really hard to post that before pic, but I know the after will make me glad I did. I'm not going to be disappointed with where I am. I did my best to stay healthy through the pregnancy and I am where I am. Time to kick butt from here!

I have 30-ish pounds to lose. While I still can't do the workouts I'm used to (plyo, HIIT, tabata...) until 6 weeks, I'm focusing on what I CAN do: I can walk, do gentle yoga, and watch my eating.

My goals for this week are:
  1. Drink more water. Since I'm breastfeeding this is important and I've been doing a terrible job of it. I'm aiming for 3 liters a day.
  2. Walk 20 minutes most days. 
  3. Postnatal yoga 2 or 3 times.
  4. Track my food. I just want to see where I'm at right now. Then, if I need to tweak my calorie level, etc I'll go from there.
  5. Bring variety back! I've gotten into a bit of a food rut.
How about you? What are your health and fitness goals this week?

Disclaimer: I am not a trainer, doctor, or any type of health professional. What you read is not advice. Always check with your doctor or midwife for what is best for you.

July's #PaleoChat Cancelled

I cannot believe that I haven't posted for a month! Oh what a month it's been, but more on that later.

Just wanted to get a quick post up saying I'm cancelling July's PaleoChat. If you hadn't heard, I had my baby a week ago! Again, more on that later...

So sorry for the last minute notice, but no #PaleoChat this month. I hope to get it together for August, but for now I'm taking a break and enjoying my awesome family.