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Losing the Baby Weight 6 Months Postpartum Check-In #bodyafterbaby

So... how'd we all do through the holidays? OK, I know we still have New Year's to go, but that's not a big deal for me. We're old married people and not really doing anything this year. 

I did amazing and I did terrible.

First, the amazing. If you follow me on Instagram you know I did #holiday2adays (worked out twice a day) through most of December. Gold star for workouts.

I also did pretty amazing on my food for the normal days. The party-get-together-celebration days...

That's where the terrible comes in. Too too too many Paleo treats (on the upside I perfected a Paleo double chocolate muffin recipe). A bit more dairy than my body tends to do well with. Oh, and wine.

The past few years I've been bulletproof through the holidays. This year? Not so much. I started struggling at Thanksgiving and struggled right on through. I gained weight back. Ah well. Moving on...

I just love a shiny New Year. Filled with hope and possibility. I know, I know, so many moan and groan about the resolution crowd, but I think it's a fun time with so many having a renewed vigor for health and fitness!

Resolutions aren't really my thing, but I'm big on setting goals. I sat down this past week and mapped out what I want to get done for 2014 in all areas of my life. 

2014 is looking pretty amazing! 

I'm launching a new blog, The Paleo Homestead, and my family has all sorts of fun, amazing, crazy, wild adventures planned. Dreams do come true.

As far as health, fitness, and running I've set two goals:
  1. I will get back into 5k shape and run 2 or 3 of those. 
  2. I will get to my pre-pregnancy weight by Baby O.'s one year birthday (June 25th).
With everything else we have going on that's pretty much it (ya, like that's all easy peasy!). I'm mostly going to focus on consistency. With workouts, running, and food.

For January I'll be focusing on:

Accountability helps me so much, so I've decided to share my monthly workout plans here. For January I'll be doing my TurboFire Advanced DVDs (and running). If you're interested, here's my TurboFire Advanced DVD workout schedule

Weekly weigh-ins also must come back. I'm not sure if I'll do them here, on instagram, vine, or you tube, but I need them.

Tracking also needs to happen. Yes, I eat very well (ie healthy, Paleo), but yes, I can still tend to eat too much. I think I'm going to go back to My Fitness Pal. Anyone have a tracking method they love madly?

Six months postpartum. Where did the time go? For a few days the beginning of December I got very down and discouraged about the fact that I've made very little progress in losing the baby weight. I whined and wallered in I've-worked-so-hard-with-no-results self pity. Then, I took a hard look at my choices. Consistency has been lacking in all areas. Doing great two days and terrible five will not bring me to where I want to be.

But, no regrets. I have now and I choose to kick butt with my nowIt's a constant process, but I'll get back to where I was pre-baby, in that ZONE. I believe in me. ;)

Bring on January, bring on 2014. I'm ready to make it AWESOME!

Declaring a Monday

NOW is always a good time. 

In the past I had a (bad) habit of waiting for the first of the month, waiting for Monday, waiting for January 1st.... Then, then I'd start!

But it was just another excuse. No. More.

Confession time: I've had a rough time since Thanksgiving. Really lost focus, really made some not great choices. 

I'm declaring TODAY my new beginning. I have goals to reach. This year is not over yet. I choose to make December my best month yet as far as my fitness and healthy eating choices go. I will not use the holidays as another excuse.

Go with what works.

I'm a planner. It's what I do. It's what works for me. I used to think I should fight that, but now I see it as a strength and go with it. 

My plan for getting back on track this month:
  1. Move more. As I said in my Polar Loop post, I've set a goal of reaching 12,000 to 15,000 steps every day (and 10,000 on my rest day). I realize it's a big goal, but I like the challenge. I also like the healthy shift in focus. This doesn't mean I won't be working out, my workout will be in those steps somewhere!
  2. Lift. I've been struggling with lifting weights since Baby O. Mentally struggling. I feel weak. It discourages me. I don't lift. That stops now. Even if I have to go down in weights, I have to start somewhere! I love feeling strong. I want that back.
  3. Clean Paleo. I always eat Paleo, but when I'm trying to lose fat I have to clean up the Paleo 'treats' a bit. Lately I've been working on a billion Paleo treat (By this I mean things like Paleo 'bread', cookies, brownies, etc) recipes for The Paleo Homestead and there's been a whole lot of taste-testing going on! So, most of my meals will be a protein and double veggies this month. With a little fruit and some nuts (Sparingly. Nuts are often my downfall when attempting to lose weight) here and there.
  4. Accountability. One of the reasons I started blogging in the first place (was that really 4 years ago?!) was the accountability and support. I've decided to get back to vlogging this month. I'm not sure I'll get daily vlogs done, but I will vlog at least once a week. I'll be sharing my meals, workouts, steps, thoughts, struggles, etc. Call me out on this if I don't get it done!
How are you doing? Do you struggle through the holidays with your food choices and fitness?