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A New #FitViews21 - 21 Days to Fit Challenge Starts Monday!

A friend on Facebook asked me if I was going to do another #FitViews21. I had intended to do another challenge in January, but time slipped by. NOW seems like a great time!

I don't know about you, but I could use the support and accountability in my workouts.

If you're not familiar with #FitViews21:

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. Let's build that workout HABIT!!

  • Choose a time of day that works best for you (first thing in the morning is my choice) and workout every day at that same time for 21 daysOf course rest days are important, but in the spirit of building the workout habit still do something at your appointed workout time. Maybe just a walk, a mile with a Leslie Sansone DVD, some gentle yoga, easy stretching... just something. This isn't about perfect workouts; this is about building a habit.
  • Then, share a pic post-workout every day on Instagram! Mention me @KerriOlkjer in the description so I can be sure to see it and use the hashtag #FitViews21. (Pics can be anything workout related. You, your gym, your workout DVD, your running shoes, your HR monitor...)
  • Be sure to comment, support, and encourage others using the hashtag!
There's also a private Facebook group for added support, encouragement, and accountability (or if you just prefer posting your workouts in the group instead of on IG). Friend me and ask to be added to the group (I'm horrible about checking private messages. I don't have the app. Please just post on my wall to be added.) The group is there for whatever you need. Share your workout plan for the day (or the week) and check back in with the group on how well you met your plan. Ask questions. Reach out for support or encouragement. Truly, it's a great group.

This time around I'm going to add something extra: a daily steps goal. If you have a step tracker (or can get one) I encourage you to set a new daily steps goal each week. Share your goal and your actual daily steps on IG or in the FB group. I've come to know that overall activity is SUPER important!

Also, just a note, no selling allowed in the group. I'm not selling anything here (I don't do MLM's) and I want people to feel comfortable in the group. So, please, no selling to group members. At. All.

I know first-hand (and have seen in others) how a little support, encouragement, and accountability can work wonders. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, this challenge is for you. We start Monday, January 25th. Will you join us??

21 Days. 21 Workouts. Let's do this!