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Book Review: The Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start * * * *

OK, I'll preface this by saying that yes, I review a lot of Biggest Loser products, and yes they are quite the marketing machine. That said they do have the bucks to have the best people involved in the making of these products and do put out some useful things.  So, whatever your opinion of them and their show, some of their products are helpful if you are trying to lose weight.

Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start is getting four stars from me, I'm pulled on that, so: if this is not your first rodeo so to speak that would drop to 3 stars.

In this book you will find a complete, rolled up into one book, weight loss program. It includes: a complete 30 day menu including recipes; a 30 day fitness plan including photos and detailed explanations on the exercises; and lots of Biggest Loser style tips, inspirations, and contestant stories.

It is no coincidence that some of the last two seasons' contestants have been going home for '30 days' to lose weight on their own and then returning to the ranch. That happily coincides with this new product of theirs.

After a brief intro telling you things like: you need to plan, etc. the book goes into stories of season 7 contestants that went home right off the bat.  Each contestant has two pages telling their story of 30 days at home. We first see their stats, how much they weighed before and after, height, where they're from, and who their teammate was. Then, why they're 'ready'. Next, we see their diary highlights of the 30 days. Each section ends with what they've 'learned'. I enjoyed these sections. Even if you're not a BL fan these stories are inspirational. Sione Fa lost 25 pounds in his 30 days at home..oh my. It was nice that they included everyone, even the ones that didn't do so well in their 30 days at home.

Next is a brief overview of eating/nutrition and what their plan will entail, followed by a brief discussion on fitness and getting ready for their plan. Both seem like solid balanced approaches. I loved their focuson planning. Great for the beginner, anyone new to this daunting process called weight loss. You will learn basics such as: what are healthy fats and how to calculate your target heart rate. If you've been there, done that like I have these sections be a refresher and give you an overview on what is in their plan. The end of the fitness section maps out your 30 day workout plan.

The 'meat' of the books is the next section. Here you will find your complete 30 days broken down. Each day starts with an intro discussing things like 'who are you doing this for', with lots of suggestions, trainer tips, and inspirational quotes mixed in. Second is the menus. The menus seem very balanced and healthy, each day is about 1500 calories. They mention to adjust this up or down to suit you. Recipes included in the book are in bold type with notes at the bottom of the page listing what page to find them on. Following the menu is a few of the recipes. Last for each day is the exercise plan for the day. They break people into two groups: beginners and challengers. Beginners being absolute beginners and challengers slightly more fit. Here is where people already on the path of weight loss might struggle. The plan really starts out easy and even at the end isn't very challenging if you are already relatively fit. Day 2 is 32 minutes: 22 minute walk and 10 minute of body weight exercises. Beginners are told to break the 22 minute walk into two sessions. If you are already working out like I am this is not going to do it for ya. However, the exercises are good. Their are pictures showing Ali Vincent demonstrating them with great descriptions of form included. You will learn things like lunges, plank, and stretching.

The nutrition plan seems very healthy and basic. I love their focus on planning here. Centering on healthy fats, healthy carbs, lean protein. Not much new if you're already in the weight loss trenches. The recipes, to my surprise, seem like things I would eat. Not sure what I expected here, but I will certainly be trying many.  A shopping list is lacking and would have been a nice touch. If you stick to this plan you will lose weight. 1500 calories would do it for me, but if you are smaller or larger you'll need to adjust.

The exercise portion is fantastic for beginners. Great instruction, great exercises, and Ali Vincent..what more could you want. But for anyone already experienced with exercise I'm not sure it would be useful at all. I would say if you're going to buy the book and this is the case for you, substitute one of their workout DVDs, such as the 30-Day Jump Start, for the exercise portion.

In a nutshell, a great book for beginners on their weight loss journey a very complete, all in one plan to reach your goals. This book definitely teaches you the balanced and healthy way to do that. But if you have read all the books and done the workouts and are looking for something new, you'll see a lot you already know here. The recipes, the focus on planning, and having an entire menu plan laid out for you would be your reason to buy. Plus, for all the motivation and inspiration is wonderful.

I am just a blogger, not a doctor or any sort of professional. What you read here are my personal experiences and opinions. Of course, always consult your doctor before trying a diet, diet pill, or new workout program.