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Guest Post: MizFit & The Ellen Show

MizFit & The Ellen Show.
By MizFit

Because we can't let MARTHA have all the fun.

Ok, People.
If you've been reading MizFit for more than a week or so you've already discovered that I like for my life to be filled with levity.

I adored our Blogger Virtual Talent Show for that very reason (keep yer eyes peeled. more is coming!).
Yet I longed for more.

I salivated for some silliness.


As a result I've launched (mainly on Twitter) the crusade below.

A blatant ripoff spoof of the creative tatics Ellen employed to get on the cover of O Magazine.

Will it serve to get me on her show?

Will I ever dance my way across her stage whilst simultaneously getting my PLAYout on doing lunges?
Only time will tell.

Most importantly, however, I'm enjoying the PROCESS.
(oooh is she linking this all back to fitness? can she pull this one off??)

Sure the end destination (be it weight loss, marathon completion, or career goal) is important, but it’s equally important, in my strong opinion, to enjoy at least *some* facet of the journey to get there.

Now, without further rambling adieu, I share with you Ellen, my house guest.

First I invited her to breakfast. Ellen adored my protein pancakes. I mean really though–whats not to love?

Then we worked out. I was kind enough to lend her my skates & I used the Tornado’s pink Barbie ones.

Since she was a *celebrity* house-guest she got to use the best blanket in the domicile.

The first morning we went out to Starbucks for coffee. Who knew Ellen liked iced coffee on a cold morning just as I do!

After coffee it was time for a run. Even though I love having visitors I can not deviate from my running routine.

The next morning we decided to just stay home and drink MizFitMade java.

I was happy to see Ellen was an early riser just like I am!

And yes.

I know you're wondering if I dragged The Ellen into my wacky ways & compelled her to eat healthy while she was visiting.

The answer? Below.

Ellen didn't love the goo’ness of the Chia, but after I gave her some tips she seemed to think she and Portia might actually use it!

I was secretly thrilled that, since Ellen was in town, I had an excuse to skip a day of running outside for some indoor treadmill work.

I don't think she was as excited.
The rest of our day was spent shopping, getting mani/pedis and just hanging out.

Morning came quickly & it was time to get up again and prepare my visitor some breakfast which I must say she ADORED.

At least I said she did.

Then it was back to the gym, again, since it’s peak training season up in herre.

(We can't forget the obligatory BLOOPER REEL either. That’s what I get for grabbing a total stranger and asking her to film me. Duly noted. Need an assistant. Any takers?)

And that, oh faithful readers, is what Ellen & I have done together thus far.

(and YES. I do still have some tricks up my lackofsleeve which shall be coming your way soon. *cough* MizFit dancing *cough*)

Have any thoughts on how I might best entertain my houseguest?

Wanna link this post on your blog?

Entirely cut & paste & steal it in hopes someone at the show might take a glance?

Have the tiniest of contacts at The Ellen Show you wanna send my way?

Please to hit us all up in the comments {on Miz's blog}

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