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My Dad

I wish I had a pic of me and my Dad when I was little on my computer. I would definitely post that with this. I was always Daddy's little girl.

OK, so if you're on my Twitter you've heard some of this, if not: my Dad put his hand through the wood splitter yesterday afternoon. Ouch, I know. If you don't know what a wood splitter is, it's a machine used to split firewood. There is a hydraulic arm that pushes logs towards a stationary ax-like piece of metal that splits the log in two. Well, my Dad somehow managed to get his hand stuck or tangled with the log and it...ya.

My Dad had to pull the lever to get the wood splitter to release his hand, then he shut off the tractor and wood splitter, went in the house and called my mom at work to come get him. Yes, he was alone. Crazy he was able to do all that with his hand basically crushed. My mom goes out to start her truck and it won't start! She calls my older brother and he races the 4 miles out to get my dad. In the meantime my mom got her truck started and they met, got into her truck, and my brother drove them to the emergency room. Which is roughly 40 minutes away!

He didn't call 911. Now, seriously, my Dad would have to actually think he was going to die before he called 911. Not just have the tiny inkling he could bleed to death. Tough man. Plus, my brother would have been the one driving the ambulance for the volunteer fire department anyway! Small towns.

They got to the ER and had to wait! Nuts. About 20 or 30 minutes, he sits there with his mangled hand. Thank God my Dad is so tough. They check him over (and give him a good dose of morphine) and tell them the specialist hand surgeon doesn't come to this hospital, they have to go to the hospital across town. So, my brother drives them to the other hospital.

As soon as my brother dropped my Dad and Mom at the first ER he called me. I was oblivious to what was happening as of yet. At this point my brother hadn't even seen the whole hand to know the extent of things because my Dad wouldn't show him. I was freaked, my Dad is always so careful! But when you live on a farm or ranch things like this happen sometimes. (I have an uncle that is missing parts of all of his fingers, lol, sorry not funny).

So I freaked a little and texted my sister and mother in law and asked them to pray. Then I got on Twitter for a second and asked all my tweeps to pray. I was inundated with the sweetest comments from my friends on Twitter and I thank you all so much for your prayers and support.

My brother said he'd call back when he knew more, so I waited. I paced, texted family, and prayed, trying to stay calm. FINALLY he called back two hours later when they were at the second hospital and said he would have to have surgery. They had to take half or better of his ring finger because they couldn't save it, his middle finger was split in three at the tip (sorry for the detail) and they managed to save that with a pin or something in it. They stitched up a huge gash across most of his palm and had to put a plate in a bone broken in the back of his hand. I am thankful it was his left hand. So, he had surgery, stayed around as long as they made him and came home at 2:30 am! Nuts. He wasn't spending the night in the hospital, no way no how.

He's home and on heavy pain pills, my teenager is out there 'babysitting' him. They are very close and this was another one of those times I was thankful we homeschool. He packed up his school work and video games and was out there early this morning. My mom has to work and someone has to be with him. Even so, my boy would have wanted to be out there no matter.  Plus, there are cows to feed, etc and he can help with all of that.

Stressful. I am mentally and emotionally exhausted right now. But one thing I'm proud of is that through this stress I wanted to turn to food several times. Wanted to numb it and push it down; I felt it rising up, felt the urge to shove some food in, but I didn't do it. I was nervous and cleaned a bit obsessively for a while last night to release the nervous energy. I did not block it, medicate it, ignore it with food! I felt every emotion and lived. Huge victory.

So, my Daddy is going to be OK, a little worse for wear, but thank God.