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Review: Hungry Girl Chew The Right Thing Supreme Makeovers For 50 Foods You Crave

I'm giving these great recipe cards * * * * Four Stars

Hungry Girl Chew the Right Thing Supreme Makeovers for 50 Foods You Crave by Lisa Lillien are a great little set of weight loss friendly recipe cards. Recipe makeovers for those things we think we have to swear off while trying to lose weight! Um, can you say Red Velvet Insanity Cupcakes?  Yes please! 

The cards themselves are about 5x7 in a great plasticy (yes, I believe that is the technical term) material that is easily wiped clean. I really liked this because I am a messy cook and am always slopping on my cookbooks. The cards come packed in their own handy little box; sturdy, not wimpy. They are color coded and have a card in front that lists all recipes in each color for easy access. 

There are also two cards in the front of the pack that list Hungry Girl's Recommended Products and Hungry Girl Staples. Great suggestions for things to look for if you are counting calories, as well as things you will definitely be needing for these recipes.

OK, so the cards and packaging themselves are very functional and attractive, but how about the recipes on them? One word: yumtastic! Seriously.

In the interest of research for this review (see how dedicated I am?) I decided to cook two of these recipes for my family today. On the menu: HG's De-Pudged Pigs in a Blanket and for dessert Yum Yum Brownie Muffins.

First up was Hungry Girl's version of pigs in a blanket. These are definitely going on my list of appetizers for the next get together we have!
These were beyond easy to make and I felt OK feeding them to my kids, unlike most typical 'diet' foods. I could see these going into our dinner rotation for those last minute nights when I forget to lay anything out and plan ahead. A little salad on the side, good to go. My 6 year old said, "I don't just like this, I love this!." There you have it, from a professional.

Now for dessert, in slow motion so you can savor it like I did: Yum Yum Brownie Muffins.
Gathered my ingredients.
Mixed them up. This batter is THICK.
Ready to go in the oven.
20 minutes and YUM.
These definitely live up to their name! For 181 calories per muffin, they are regular sized muffins spilling over the top. No mini muffin trick here. Very moist and chocolaty. My family loved them. Now I don't have to fight off that chocolate craving every time. When prompted to describe them a little hubby said: "It's good, that's all I can say." I will be adding these to my kid's snacks for sure. With all the nutrition from the can of pumpkin I feel good about making these for them as a treat!

Under the Morning Makeover Madness Section there are several enticing breakfast recipes including: Top Banana and Oat-rageous Chocolate Chip Pancake Minis. 

In the Chocolate Fixes & Sweet Treats section you will find drool-inducing recipes like: Dreamy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge and Oatmeal Raisin Softies.

Included in the Fast Food & Restaurant Favorites section you will be delighted by treats such as: Lord of the Onion Rings and Cookie-rific Ice Cream Freeze.

The Around the World section includes recipes for: Loaded 'n Oated Veggie Pizza and Lean Bean 'n Cheese Enchiladas.

The final section is the Party Recipes & Crowd Pleasers. Here you will find appetizers and cocktails like: Pina Colada Freeze and H-O-T Hot Boneless Buffalo Wings.

I can't wait to try the Big Fat Blueberry Muffins and the Red Velvet Insanity Cupcakes. 

So why only four stars? Two reasons. First, if you are a huge Hungry Girl fan and have all of her books you probably already have most of these recipes.  Second, some of the recipes use ingredients I don't like to use frequently for my family: Splenda, sugar free products, pre-packaged things, etc. Also, some people might dislike that, unlike her emails, these cards don't give Weight Watchers Points values. You can however easily look that up on

Overall, I love this little deck of recipe cards. Very handy and loaded with quick and easy recipes that won't break your calorie counting bank. Nutritional information is included on each recipe card and they are all impressively low in calories for such treats. I adore that they focus on fiber more than most 'diet' recipes I've found. Plus, the ones I've tried so far taste phenomenal, bonus.

Highly recommend Hungry Girl Chew the Right Thing Supreme Makeovers for 50 Foods You Crave. If you're tired of feeling deprived, or indulging in the teeny tiny cardboard tasting portions of no nutritional value 100 cal packs, you will love these recipes.

FTC Disclaimer: Hungry Girl's publisher provided me with two sets of these recipe cards: one to review and one for last week's giveaway. I received no monetary compensation and give you (as always) my completely unbiased opinion in all my reviews.