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Vote for What our T-shirts Will Say

If you read my last post you know my sister and I have a couple of friendly challenges/wagers going on. The 'payoff' for one of these is T-shirts we'll make to wear for a race we will both run in April.

But, what should they say?

That's where you come in! We have a few options we've thought of. Vote for which you like best, or if you have an idea, comment with it! Help us out, be creative!

Our suggestions:
  1. Winner wears: "I'm the Fast Sister" Loser wears: "I'm the Slow Sister"
  2. Loser wears: "________(inserting winner's name) is my HERO!"
  3. Winner Wears: "I rule, my sister drools". Loser wears: "I drool, my sister rules".
  4. Loser wears: "my sister is the most amazing person in the whole wide world!" Winner wears: "my sister thinks I am the most amazing person in the whole world!"
  5. Winner wears: "Winner" Loser wears: "Loser"
What do ya think? Vote in the comments, help us pick. Or give us your suggestion! Oh, yes, there will be pics on race day!! Hmm, maybe even a vlog??