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100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups...again

two hundred squats

I totally slacked off on these challenge workouts and am not pleased with myself about it. I completed the 200 squats (in the initial test), woot! But the push-ups and sit-ups I just slacked off. Not OK.

So, I am restarting the one hundred pushups challenge and the two hundred situps challenge. Anyone want to join me?!

I am going to get over myself and do push-ups on my knees. I was trying so hard to do this challenge with push-ups on my feet, but it's why I quit! I just am not that strong yet. I can do a few, but not enough to get through this challenge. These challenges are about increasing strength, so I'm sucking it up and shooting for 100 push-ups on my knees aka girl push-ups ;) 
Then maybe I'll shoot for the 100 on my feet...someday. 

The sit-ups are actually crunches, no good reason for not finishing this one, just punked out. Restarting that challenge .

I will be taking the initial tests for both this weekend and then adding the appropriate workouts to my workout calendar to start next week.

If anyone wants to join me I will make it a regular Saturday post to check in with each other on how we're doing with our workouts for the challenge. And to celebrate with each other when we complete it!