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Blogger Awards

OK, guys. I stink with blogger awards. Sorry about that. I know I've been given several lately, and I hope I thanked you each for them, I really do appreciate them and feel so special when someone thinks of me for one. I do however stink about posting about them. It's just hard for me to single out a few great bloggers to pass awards on to when I love so many. If you've given me an award in the past and I didn't post about it: sorry! I am going to try and do better from now on. I love our blogger community and awards are a fun part of that. So....
Keri over at Life Lesson A Day has given me this sweet (pun intended) award!
Thanks girl!
For this award you do three things. First, thank the person that gave it to you (check). Second, give the award to 5 other Rockin' bloggers (this is the hardest part of award posts for me...only 5?? There's so many I love) and say why they are getting it. Here's my 5 for this award (If you've already gotten it, I guess you're just extra sweet!):

  1. Danielle from Mayor of the Bux. I totally heart this girl. She is one of my favorite Twitter friends and when I thought of sweet people she popped in my head right away!
  2. Andrew from Andrew is Getting Fit. I read nothing in the 'rules' saying this was a chick only award, LOL. Andrew is seriously just awesome. He reads and leaves encouraging comments on so many blogs he just amazes me. We are a lucky community to have him.
  3. Laura from 100in12. This girl just rocks. That pretty much sums it up! She totally makes me giggle with her cheesy post titles lately. Luv her.
  4. Mary from A Merry Life. Mary is GREAT. She just is. She is encouraging and inspiring and real and sweet and....yes, luv this girl too!
  5. Oh my, last one? Can I break the rules, I have 5 more at OK, hmmm. Gotta be Carla from MizFitOnline. Her encouragement and support are priceless to me and countless others. What would our blogging community be without her? I shudder to think ;)
The last thing is to say why I got it. In Keri's words:
Kat is always pushing herself to the best she can be, and she is always sharing her love for everyone on her blog and she really makes you feel like we're a big family.  I love that about her, among many other things.   Makes you feel like we're a big family.  I love that about her, among many other things.

Aw, she makes me blush. Thanks again Keri.
PS don't feel bad if you guys don't have time to blog about this award (ha ha I'm the last to complain about that), just wanted you to know you were amazing bloggers!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!