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Click Espresso Protein Drink Review 1 Star

Let's start off with my little FTC Disclaimer: I won a packet of Click Espresso Protein Drink from another blog, I did not buy this, however they didn't exactly send it to me for review either. I obviously receive no compensation for this review.

The single serving sample I received was for their Mocha flavor. I was really excited for this. Espresso and protein, right up my alley! Info on their site tells me: 23 vitamins & minerals, double shot espresso, 15 grams protein, 120 calories. Sounds impressive. What's not to like? 

Um, the taste. Ew, with a capital E. 

To be fair, I just mixed it with water like the directions said, possibly if I made a smoothie with almond milk and ice it would be better? Only had one packet of the Mocha flavor so I can't say, but I love my espresso and hated the taste of this. 

So my excitement quickly fizzled. Click Espresso Protein Drink gets 1 star from me, ya, Ew. My teenager liked it though?!

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