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Race Sponsor!!

I have a race sponsor! I have mentioned before that my lovely sister Vonda and her husband George are BeachBody coaches. Well, Vonda read my Nike April Fool's post to George and he said he would love to be my sponsor. Woo!

I give you another edition of silly sister texts:
Vonda: OK... totally had tears about the Nike thing. Read it to George... He was soooo excited for u too!
Vonda: In the process of reading to George... We found U a sponsor...
Me: Sorry, it was a joke didn't want u to feel bad! LOL.
Vonda: It was a great joke!!!
Me: I got so many people on it...all in good fun
Vonda: Did u read it... We found u a sponsor!!!
Me: Wait u found me a sponsor? I am not believing anyone today LOL
Vonda: (then she outlined George's offer)...He wants a fair review not a sisterly one.
Me: Woo! If that isn't April fool I am all over it!!
Vonda: No April fool... For real!
Me: Ahahaha u r on
Then we rambled a little on the fun and silliness that could be had on my You Tube channel with race/sponsor related videos.
So ya, that is a behind the scenes look at big business blogger deals ;)

Yes my sponsor is my awesomesauce brother in law (can you feel the lack of bias?). But seriously, we have an understanding that I treat this like any other race sponsor. My integrity, and the integrity of my blog is important to me. If I am just going to blow hot air and fluff about products in reviews, why would you want to read them? Any reviews I do will be 100% my honest opinion. From a writing point of view I'm excited about this endeavor. Writing unbiased reviews about things connected to people I love will be a challenge, a challenge I look forward to! I'm such a writing nerd ;)

OK, now on to the exciting details! George (aka my awesomesauce race sponsor) is paying my race fee and helping with traveling expenses. He will also be providing me with the Shakeology and lending me P90X to review. I was definitely doing the happy dance when I got their offer. I have become so mentally and emotionally attached to this race it's almost humorous. It is more important to me than my marathon was! Crazy. You can read here, why.

If you have any questions about P90X or any BeachBody products George's site is: and his Twitter is @AthletesArtist. He really is good people. I am so thankful to have him as my sponsor!

I look forward to reviewing Shakeology and P90X for 7 days and blogging about it. Also, I will be reviewing the business aspect of what George does as a coach. I'm very excited about this. I have a lot of Twitter friends that are coaches and so I have heard a lot about these things. While writing is my passion and I don't plan to be a coach myself, I'm excited to see what it's all about from someone I trust. I am most excited to try P90X. Very honestly I have drooled over this workout for a long time. I have watched those infomercials over and over. I even DVR'd the old one because of the before and after pics of one of the moms abs. Yes, nerd. I look forward to seeing what it's really like.

BeachBody has become a pretty huge deal in the fitness industry. My blog tagline is 'Weeding through the hype to find the help and the hope'. Is BeachBody Hype or Help? Stay tuned!