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Sometimes You Just Gotta Be a Quitter

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OK, so I'm not exactly talking about that kind of quitter, lol. I definitely don't think we should give up easily just because something gets hard. I would have ditched running long ago if that was my personality.

I am talking about quitting things when we realize that we just have too much on our plates to live happy balanced lives with our families. Quitting them with a good attitude knowing it's the right thing and not feeling guilty about it.
Case in point: I am quitting the push-up and sit-up challenges. And I feel OK with that. It is too much right now. 

I homeschool, write this blog, and have an active social media social life (hmm, does that sound pitiful?). I love to workout and run. I love to read. I have my house, yard, and husband to take care of (not that he needs 'taken care of' but you get the picture), not to mention the chickens, dog, fish, 3 cats..... Oh, and the kids and I have a race series coming up this summer, ya, I'll stop there, I'm sure I could keep coming up with more things on our plates at the moment.

I absolutely refuse to be that busy person running around like a crazy person. I revel in being 'not busy'. I want to enjoy this time in my life, this time in my kids' lives. They will only be this age once. I refuse to be the mom who regrets that they didn't spend enough time with their kids when they were little. I may not write this blog forever and I want to enjoy the time that I am. THIS summer will only happen once. I want to make it great.

I have become very careful about adding too much, very protective over my family's 'busyness'. Or lack thereof. If it isn't something we love, or something I feel is truly good for us or enriching our lives, it's gone. I am not talking about helping people, that would definitely go under enriching our lives. I am just talking about too many activities. Many people are disappointed by my turning things down. But I refuse to not enjoy our 'now' just to people please. We only get one life. Why spend it running around trying to keep everyone else happy? It's all choices. And I choose to enjoy our now, our right now, this moment in our lives.

So in the spirit of that I have realized that adding these challenge workouts on top of my regularly full workout schedule is too much right now. Maybe I'll do them someday, but that day isn't today. Yes, I initially worried about people viewing me as a 'quitter'. But I quit for the good of my family and our preciously short time together in the scheme of life. So, yep, I'm a quitter sometimes and I'm perfectly OK with that.