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The Weekend of Unpluggedness

OK, maybe unpluggedness isn't a word, but I made it one to describe what this weekend will be. I won't be about the blogs, I won't be on Twitter, and I won't be on Facebook. I am going to try very hard not to even check my email.
I need this, my family needs this.
So, please enjoy: Replays in Dietland. Favorite posts of mine I'm posting again for your reading pleasure! See ya Monday.

Talkin Smack to Mr. Scale

I thought this morning that this would be my 100th post. Woot! But...Oh, the pressure. A 100th post should be something special, something worth reading...right? I thought and thought...and I decided my 100th post would be a letter. Inspired by and a few other posts I've read lately. I agonized and worked hard on the pics. Then I realized it is my 99th post. Oh well, enjoy!

Dear Mr. Scale:

I have noticed you knocking a few of my friends around lately. Taking some cheap shots at them. They are pouring their heart and soul into their weight loss/getting healthy efforts and you are sneering at them. Taunting them. Trying to knock them down. 

Well, I am here to tell you to back off! You are nothing, nobody, a silly little square in our bathrooms. Yes, we can use you to judge our weight loss. But, quite honestly, you do a piss poor job of THAT even.

Exhibit A

I stepped on you this day and you read: 185 lbs. OK, good enough.

Exhibit B
I stepped on you a MONTH later and you said: 184 lbs. There you go with your attempts at discouragement. One pound down in a month! Ugh. Then I looked at the pictures together, hrmm, definitely progress there.

Now, it has been almost two months since that weigh in and you have been seriously messing with me. You read: 179.5, 181, 178, and have been stuck on 178.5 for about two weeks. (Seriously, don't you get sick of repeating yourself?)

But I haven't let you get me down, haven't let you win. I have been plugging away. Counting my calories, getting my workouts in, drinking my water, and fighting like heck to stay positive in spite of YOU...and might I present...

Exhibit C,D

Me at 178.5. Looks like progress to me. Even if you say it's not much!

Exhibit E
These are the jeans from the 185 pic, it was hard to show in a pic how truly baggy they are, but trust me, they are huge now!

Last, Exhibit F
These are the jeans from the 184 pic. They are smaller than the previous Exhibit E and also too big!

What do you have to say for yourself Mr. Scale? If your job is to tell me how much progress I've made, it seems as if you aren't doing your job very well?!

So, for all my friends you have been taking cheap shots at and knocking around, I leave you with this: Bring it Mr. Scale! I got your number!


Kat (aka more than a number on a scale)

The scale says I've lost 6.5 lbs since December. I feel I have made much more progress than that number could ever tell!

Now, I guess I'll go back to agonizing over my 100th post!

Today that total is up to 12.5 lbs since December. Woo! Hope you enjoyed this replay. Have a great Saturday