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My Day in Pictures

5 am laced up my Pumas and headed to the track.
The track I run at. The high school track is literally a block and a half from my house. Love it. However, there's been a bear in town lately and when I got there all the trash cans had been dumped and scattered, eep. Very alert while I ran today!
Came home and had coffee with hubby.
Breakfast was a cup of egg whites with mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes. Yum.
Midmorning snack was a chocolate shakeology and a handful of blueberries. Forgot to take a pic of that.
Lunch was an Ezekiel pita with chicken breast, spinach, and mustard.
Afternoon snack was a 2% Fage. I normally do the 0%, but the 2% is only 130 calories and so freaking good! I'm hooked.
Sat at my computer and twittered and you tube'd a lot.
So, ya...up to now, that's my day. OK, I cleaned house and did mom stuff too, but that's a given, LOL. 

How was your day?