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I have been asking myself lately: What is different about 'this time around' with getting healthy and losing weight? Why am I having success? Why do I see myself at a size 6 now when before I never even thought it was possible for me? I am even digging into the deeper issues. Issues I never even saw for what they were before. Facing my fears. Making permanent changes. It feels awesome. But why? What is the difference this time?

The answer I came up with was hope. Not just wishy washy I sure wish I could, but deep down to my toes I have hope. They're entirely different things, wishing and hoping. Wishing doesn't even get you off the couch. Ditch the wishing, choose the hope. Hope is so much deeper, so much more far reaching, it means so much more to me than wishing. I see myself accomplishing my goals, I believe I can. Obstacles aren't walls, and heck, if they are I'm going around them or climbing over. I won't be stopped. I have hope. I am getting there. I will get there. I have hope.

 It is an amazing place to be. It's much more mental than physical. Which is obviously where my battle was all along. I always battled the physical before. I find now that once I battle the mental and emotional aspects the physical becomes so much easier. I truly believe now that you can't make lasting changes without getting to the root of it. Sure you can count your calories and workout like a fiend, but if you don't deal with that mental/emotional root it just. won't. stick.

I have hope for me. I have hope for you.

My blog subtitle is "weeding through the hype to find the help and the hope". That is exactly what I want to do with my blog. Through product reviews and my personal story, my desire is to pass on some of this hope to any of you that need it. 

The products don't hold the hope, I simply use them as tools to get me where I want to go. So don't ever put your hope in a product or workout DVD or diet book. I simply do the reviews to share helpful things or point out the junk. If I can save you some wasted money and time hooray. But don't ever put your hope there, they are just tools on this journey. P90x isn't the answer, it is a tool. A good tool, but still just a tool, a weapon in this battle. You still have to do the real work and get to whatever your root is. Then you will turn that corner, then you will make those lasting changes.

And I have hope that you will! Do you?

(P90x link goes to my beautiful sister's BeachBody Coach site, she and her fab hubby are coaches now! Woo, I'm excited about that)

*Note: Oh what the heck did I do? Just agreed to join and in their workout pledge, we will be on treadmill for 30 seconds for every comment here: so, uh feel free not to comment there ;) WISH ME LUCK...may be on the treadmill all night!

The Denim Diet by Kami Gray: Review 4 1/2 Stars

I am giving Kami Gray's The Denim Diet 4 and a half stars as an amazing, no-nonsense, humorous, all in one approach to healthier, thinner, greener lifestyle choices.

Don't let the fact that this book has the word 'diet' in the name fool you. This is no run of the mill fad diet book. Kami's attitude about the word diet reminded me of mine concerning diet being in my blog title: "I know it's in the title to this book, but I think the word diet sucks. It implies that for a temporary period of time, your eating habits will need to change dramatically in order for you to achieve weight loss. Instead of dictating a diet, I'm going to introduce you to sixteen simple habits to...I call these sixteen simple habits 'the List'." 

I could not agree more. Diet to me simply implies what we eat. We might have a healthy diet or a not so healthy one. In order to live healthy and stay that way we have to make permanent changes, not temporary drastic fad diets that will result in weight loss, then regain when we go off of them. It's lifestyle, it's choices. I love how Kami stresses that in her book. She lays out 16 very practical, sensible habits that will result in an overall lifestyle change that will also happily result in weight loss/maintenance!

If you know me, you know she had me at List! I love my lists. There is even a section towards the end that plainly lays out in chart form the basics of these 16 habits. Yes, chart, wee. OK, sorry.

The cover reads: "16 Simple Habits To Get You Into Your Dream Pair Of Jeans--The No-Nonsense Guide to a Smaller You and a Healthier Planet". In a very best-friend-tell-it-like-it-is manner Kami shares her approach to maintaining her weight. I loved her approach and her humor. I found myself laughing out loud at several points in the book. Can't say I've had that happen with a 'diet' book before. In the chapter on your sweet tooth she says, "You're putting your body through a binge-crash cycle and creating a larger problem, a larger ass, and an unhealthier you." OMG, I was rolling at many such statements. Very true, but very hilarious.

In the introduction Kami discusses our country's obesity epidemic and shares, "I believe we're in this predicament because many Americans don't know the basics of healthy eating or how to have a positive relationship with food. And that's okay, because I do and I'm going to share what I know with you-the simple habits that helped me lose weight and keep it off for over twenty years without yo-yo dieting or starving myself."

On her List of 16 things are sensible, helpful tips on habits to make and habits to break concerning: sweeteners, fast food, snacking, portions and calories, eating out, etc. Kami pretty much covers it all without making you feel overwhelmed with information.

Kami also shares many tips throughout the book on how to not only manage our weight, but how to better manage our planet. "..the philosophy in this book ties in beautifully with being and thinking green. You'll learn how to easily and effortlessly lose weight, but in doing so, you'll be able to feel good about lessening your impact on Earth's energy and resources."

I love her plain, matter of fact, tell it how it is language and the way she doesn't leave room for excuses. She lays out what we need to do and gives examples, suggestions and is incredibly encouraging. But says we need to make the changes, train ourselves to do these things, like healthier foods, avoid certain foods/behaviors. I could not agree more. I (Kat) didn't start out loving plain yogurt, but I do now. Our tastes and behaviors will change with time, but we have to take the steps to make it happen. Kami says about fast food: "Train yourself to find these foods repulsive." I think this quote best sums up her feelings on this: " are in control. You are not a slave to food or soda pop. You call the shots. You're the boss of you. You--not your body's cravings--decide. Cravings are not trustworthy, but you are. Trust yourself, and know that you are blessed with a powerful mind. Use it to be the best you..." Could not have said it better myself!

The book is also interspersed with relevant, entertaining stories about her and other people's experiences. Also, towards the end Kami, who is a stylist, gives her best advice on dressing to look thinner.

The book ends with some healthy recipes. I haven't tried them out yet, but there are a few I plan to try soon. First on my list to try are the Energy Bars and Power Pumpkin Bread. They look amazing.

I debated heavily between 4 and 5 stars for this book. 

I loved this book. I think it gives some really sound advice. It's not faddish or crazy restrictive. It simply tells you things you can do to make permanent changes in your life to become what you want. I love the way she lays things out very plainly and focuses on us being in control of ourselves. I think we tend to forget this in our excuse making sometimes. I also thoroughly enjoyed her sense of humor and conversational style. I thought interspersing tips on doing things greener was genius and enjoyed the stories, style tips, and recipes.

The only things that made me waiver away from 5 stars were:
 I wished there was nutrition information for the recipes. No biggie, I can plug them into when I make them and find that. Also, as someone who raises my own beef I wondered if her section discussing the beef industry might give some people the idea to never eat beef. She never says that, I simply wondered how some might take it. I agree with her completely on the big business cattle industry, but there are other alternatives. Our cattle graze on thousands of acres and live a very happy life, OK off soap box. She does say to look for grass fed beef and I agree completely with that.
Those were the only things I didn't LOVE about this book though. 

I devoured this book cover to cover. I highly recommend The Denim Diet by Kami Gray for anyone looking to make healthy changes in their life!

FTC Disclaimer: Kami Gray sent me her book to review, I received no compensation for this review and the opinions are 100% my own.
I am just a blogger, not a doctor or any sort of professional. What you read here are my personal experiences and opinions. Of course, always consult your doctor before trying a diet or new workout program.

March Kick Some Asphalt Challenge Week 4 Recap

I really enjoyed this challenge! How did everyone do?

My week in running went really well. I hoped to have another vlog about it, but my weekend was busy with a capital b. 

Wednesday I did speed intervals on the treadmill, not as fast as usual just up to 6 and 6.5 mph for 30 minutes. I was feeling tired and sore and want to avoid over-training, been there done that. 

I switched my Friday run to Saturday for the same reason (30 Day Shred Level 3 really kicked my butt!). Saturday I did speed intervals on the treadmill again at  6-8mph. Felt good. I was glad I rested Friday. It was absolutely what my body needed. 

Then Sunday I ran a 5k distance again. We had mass snow Friday and Saturday and I was really hoping the sun would come out so I could run outside. I struggle getting much over 2 miles in on the treadmill, just can't stand it. The sun did come out. Which left lots of mud! So I went out to my parents' house and ran their driveway, mud and all. Their driveway is mostly one big hill. So I ran my 5k distance with major hills. Woot! I did it in 37:58. Considering the mud and the hills I think that rocks.

So, how did your runs go this week?! 

Be sure to get all your comments in by the end of tomorrow 03/30. I will use 03/31 Wednesday morning to choose winner for the running socks.

03.28.2010 Weigh In

Weighed in this morning. Weigh 175.5 again. Same as last week. I know exactly why too. At least 3 days this week I was too 'busy' to track my calories on Sparkpeople. I tracked them loosely in my head, but obviously that didn't work out so well! That's OK, this is a lifetime journey. Maintaining my weight for a week is nothing to get depressed about.

My 5k is coming up in 3 weeks! Yay! I have decided to kick things in gear a little bit for the next 3 weeks. I am going to push a little harder in my weight loss efforts. Generally a pound a week or so is great, but less weight on me means faster running! I have huge goals for that 5k and I want to do everything I can to reach them. 

My workouts will be more intense and my calorie counting more diligent. I will pay closer attention to my nutrition and water intake. Just a little push in my efforts. I really feel up to it and am excited. 

I have learned so much 'this time around'. I no longer feel the need to be crazy intense all the time, only to crash and burn in a month or two. I have found out that I can't always be crazy in my working out. I am a mom, I have other things to do. But it doesn't have to be all or nothing! I can't always find the time to be marathon training or working out 2 hours a day. But once in a while is mentally good for me, I enjoy the intensity. I just have to pick and choose when I can go all out and when I have to roll with the punches of my life and be content with 30 minute workouts. For me personally it works out to balance. 

So here's to a bangin' 3 weeks! Woo!

100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups...again

two hundred squats

I totally slacked off on these challenge workouts and am not pleased with myself about it. I completed the 200 squats (in the initial test), woot! But the push-ups and sit-ups I just slacked off. Not OK.

So, I am restarting the one hundred pushups challenge and the two hundred situps challenge. Anyone want to join me?!

I am going to get over myself and do push-ups on my knees. I was trying so hard to do this challenge with push-ups on my feet, but it's why I quit! I just am not that strong yet. I can do a few, but not enough to get through this challenge. These challenges are about increasing strength, so I'm sucking it up and shooting for 100 push-ups on my knees aka girl push-ups ;) 
Then maybe I'll shoot for the 100 on my feet...someday. 

The sit-ups are actually crunches, no good reason for not finishing this one, just punked out. Restarting that challenge .

I will be taking the initial tests for both this weekend and then adding the appropriate workouts to my workout calendar to start next week.

If anyone wants to join me I will make it a regular Saturday post to check in with each other on how we're doing with our workouts for the challenge. And to celebrate with each other when we complete it!

Oikos Giveaway WINNER!

OK, everyone chose entry #23 which was chelsea.

Chelsea email me your mailing address at and I'll forward it on to Stonyfield.

Thanks everyone for entering!

FTC Disclaimer: provided this giveaway and I receive no monetary compensation for it.

Fabulous Friends Friday Open Mic

This pic entirely unrelated to post, just love about: it reminds me of my awesome bloggy friends?! Ya, I'm reachin', but it's squirrels light saber fighting...does it GET any better? tee hee

I haven't had a Fabulous Friends Friday in March and thought it would be fun to do another open mic!

I have lots of new followers and friends to get to know.

So, everyone who reads this post and has a blog, please give yourself a shout out in the comments. Tell us about yourself and your blog. Leave us a link.

Heck, if you don't have a blog, tell us a little about you.

Everyone be sure to read the comments with this post, that's what it's all about!

Also, you have until 4pm mountain time 03/26/2010 to enter my fabulous Oikos giveaway, PLEASE DO!

OIKOS Giveaway!

You have probably heard me rave about Oikos Greek Yogurt from Stonyfield Farms on Twitter before. I LOVE this yogurt. It is my favorite snack. If I get a little hungry between meals, one of these and I'm set! I personally feel better when I keep my protein consumption up, I don't get mad hungry when I get enough protein.
16oz Oikos Vanilla Organic Greek Yogurt
Why all the fuss over Greek yogurt? From

Why is Greek all the rage?

Greek yogurt has an incredibly rich and creamy texture, about twice the protein of regular yogurt, less lactose, and fewer carbs. So it’s no wonder Greek is flying off the shelves.

Our Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt has 0% fat and just 80 calories per serving.* Because it’s organic, Oikos is also better for the earth. And we think it's better for you too.
5.3oz Oikos Plain Organic Greek Yogurt

I contacted Stonyfield and they agreed to sponsor a giveaway! One of my fabulous readers will win: An Oikos tote bag, 4 free 5.3 oz coupons and 1 free 16 oz coupon.

US Residents only, 5 different ways to enter this giveaway:
  1. Visit and leave a comment telling me what product you'd most like to try.
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  3. Follow my blog and leave a comment that you do.
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Entries will come from comments on this post only and will be open until Friday March 26th at 4pm mountain time. I will choose to choose the winner. I will announce winner at 5 pm. Must check back here to see if you've won. Tweet entries limited to 5 tweets, tweet away!

Of course I love my coupons, so you can also go here for Stonyfield coupons:

FTC Disclaimer: is providing this giveaway, I receive no monetary compensation for this and the opinions are 100% my own.

Hoodies aka My Blankie

Hoodie from
My uniform practically every day is: jeans, t-shirt, hoodie. In the fall and spring the jeans change to capri pants. When it gets really hot in the summer the capri pants change to shorts. Only when it's absolutely hot out do I ditch the hoodie. 

Is it because I am cold? No. 

Hoodies have become my security blanket, my blankie. I feel very self conscious if I'm not wearing one. It started out that I felt like they hid my mommy tummy well. But my mommy tummy isn't near so obvious and I panicked the other day when I was behind on laundry and thought there were no clean hoodies! Gasp! I had to dig out my white one, and I am not good with white, rather than go sans hoodie.

I realized that day that I am hiding behind hoodies. The pics you see on my blog are all taken to give a good view of my progress, so I strip off the hoodie for those. Immediately once the pics are taken back on goes the hoodie.

I remember last summer wearing shorts, tank tops, and thinner hoodies. I was hot, but I didn't want to let go of my hoodies. I didn't want people to see me. I was hiding my body.

On a long conversation with my sister a few days ago (yes, this is where many of my epiphanies happen) I realized something about this. I am hiding my body because I am self conscious of my shape. Whether I am fat, or maybe worse if I am thin, I am hiding my curvy shape. I am so self conscious of my body that I don't want to dress even remotely sexy. I mean, really, a t-shirt and jeans isn't exactly ms. sex pot. Yet, I feel awkward without my hoodie!

I guess it's just more self image, body image issues coming into the light. I take one down and here creeps another! Who knew I had so many issues?! LOL. Baby steps. Progress. That's what I'm aiming for here. 

So, my new goal is to ditch the hoodies a couple of days a week. Taking the band-aid off slowly instead of just ripping it off all at once. Hopefully by summer I'll be able to just wear a t-shirt and not swelter in the heat under a hoodie.

I really like the hoodie in the pic from, this isn't going to be easy.

Do you have clothing you use to hide under?

And the winner is.....

Danielle with comment # 5: I tried this the other day! I'm a sucker for honey greek yogurt it's my hands down fav. I'm in tn and have used yogurt coupons before... that's gonna make me sad... just sayin.
Email me at with your mailing info!

PS if you've used coupons before maybe they'll be OK?! Just the disclaimer they gave me!

Thanks My Blog Spark and Yoplait for this giveaway.

March Kick Some Asphalt Week 3 Recap Vlog

So what did you think of my first vlog?! I think I have a lot to figure out, LOL! The picture quality is kind of bad from just using my Blackberry, and the audio is off somehow and doesn't exactly line up with the video...kinda bugs me, but oh well! There it is! I promise I'll improve with practice ;p

If you are part of the Kick Some Asphalt challenge be sure to leave us your running recap from last week in the comments. If you missed the first two weekly recaps be sure to go back and comment on those also so you can be in the running for the Defeet running socks!

03.21.2010 Weigh In

OK, so I was hoping this would be a vlog, but I am struggling with all things video! I set up a You Tube channel, dug out an old web cam, the picture on it stinks, so currently I'm trying to see if I can get it figured out on my Blackberry.

But, in the meantime, couldn't wait to share: Weigh in this morning was 175.5...that is 50.5 pounds down! Woohoo! Passed the 50 lbs lost mark. I had hoped for more than a pound this week, but eh, I'm happy! Mr. Scale has been amazingly cooperative since I cussed him out. Or perhaps it's merely my attitude shift? 

Hopefully I figure out my video issue and there will be vlogs coming soon!

Don't forget to enter my Yoplait Nourish Your Inner Goddess Giveaway.

Have an awesome Sunday!

Yoplait Greek Yogurt Nourish Your Inner Goddess Giveaway

Did you know Yoplait is now making Greek Yogurt? I had no idea. I LOVE me some greek yogurt. I was so excited when My Blog Spark and Yoplait contacted me about trying it out! They sent me two coupons to try it free. I tried the Plain (I'm more a plain yogurt kinda girl) and the Honey Vanilla. Very yummy!

Yoplait Greek has 12 g of protein and comes in: Strawberry, Blueberry, Honey Vanilla, and Plain. 

To celebrate its new Greek yogurt and to encourage women to nourish their inner goddess, Yoplait has teamed up with actress Izabella Miko, who plays Greek Goddess Athena in the new Warner Bros. Pictures´ and Legendary Pictures´ film "Clash of the Titans," in theatres April 2 in 3D.

In the spirit of encouraging us to nourish our inner goddess they sent me this really cool 
Nourish Your Inner Goddess Pack:

It didn't include actual yogurt, lol, but two coupons to go get the yogurt...and they are going to give a Nourish Your Inner Goddess pack with coupons to one of you too!

To enter: leave me a comment telling me which variety of Yoplait Greek you would most like to try! I will choose a winner from the comments of this post only. Giveaway open to US Residents only. Open until Monday March 22 at 4 pm Mountain Time. Will choose winner via I will announce the winner Monday by 5 pm. You must check back at my blog for announcement and contact me with your mailing info to claim your prize, so don't forget to check back!
*This coupon offer for a free cup of Yoplait Greek yogurt is not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Tennessee. The states listed do not honor dairy coupons. You are more than welcome to still enter the giveaway if you live in these states the coupons included will however be invalid for you.

You know I'm all about the coupons, get your coupon for $0.30 OFF here:

Fear of Greatness

I have talked some on my blog about my fear of failure. I struggle hugely with fearing failure in everything from weight loss to writing. In the past it has kept me from even trying. I really feel I'm getting a handle on this fear. I've stared that fear down and not let it beat me. I have began those tasks head on that I was afraid to start in the past out of fear of failing them.

Prior to starting my blog I had no idea fear had such a hold on my life. But it did and still does in some ways. Upon much soul searching lately I have realized I have a fear of being great. A fear of greatness?! Say what?

I have been doing a lot of thinking about this and had a long conversation with my sister about it. I am afraid to be great. To be anything special. To stand out. To be better than someone else. This may sound absurd to some and I will do my best to explain. This post and how to best put into words what I feel has been swimming around my head for days.

My entire life I have had people who have made me feel that I need to make my self less than. Less smart. Less attractive. Less successful. Less everything. Close people, important people. For some reason they view me being great as them being put down somehow. I guess keeping me down makes them feel better somehow? Maybe they are competing with me? I really don't understand their motives. But, I believe this has had an affect on my weight as well as many other aspects in my life.

I am afraid to be beautiful. I couldn't believe I was saying it when I said it to my sister on the phone. But it is true. Even typing this I am trying to figure out how to say it without sounding full of myself (which I am NOT) because I don't want people to 'think' that I see myself as beautiful. 

In my past I have always had family members or close friends that were...I guess jealous of me? That is the only thing I can figure to explain it. But I always felt that I had to downplay myself. To be less than. Especially concerning my looks. If they weren't putting me down, I was putting myself down.

Now I'm not saying I'm some gorgeous gal or something, but I've always been curvy and whatever. In my single days I had a few guys look my way. Any attention I received for my looks these people in my life would roll their eyes and act like I was...I don't even know what. But it was huge attitude by them and it has made me be afraid to say anything nice or good about my looks AT ALL, EVER. If anyone says anything nice to me I have always felt obliged to play it off. It embarrasses me. Somehow these people have made me feel guilty for my appearance! I am trying very hard to learn to just say thank you to compliments and leave it at that. 

If we went shopping and tried on clothes heaven forbid something look good on me. If I looked good in a pair of sunglasses they made me look like a 'bitch'. If I was doing my makeup I got mean stares. If I got a cute new get the picture. Somehow all these events were about them. Heaven forbid I lose weight!

It goes deeper than just my appearance. I have never felt I can be smart or successful out loud either!

My ex husband made me feel like I was a show off if I used too big of words. Possibly why he's the ex?! But that's just one example of many where I have felt I can't show I have a brain. I did well in school, but much of it I did very quietly. I didn't want to stand out, especially around certain people. 

If I succeed at anything these people in my life make me feel like I'm being a show off, like I'm full of myself, like I think I'm a big deal. How dare I think I'm...anything. It's like I'm in competition with them, but they're not even trying, so..uh, guess I'm winning?! It seems they feel I am putting them down somehow just by being ME. My marathon...ya, that went over REAL well.

While I am not sure if I have explained the situation well, I see it very clearly now. I have got to stop feeling I have to be less than for other people. I am not in charge of them and their feelings. I cannot keep myself down because of their choices in their lives. It is not a competition. They don't have to lose because I win...I can be me even if that means being great at things. Even if that means becoming a successful writer. Even if that means running races. Even if that means having a great husband and kids. Even if that means being thin. Even if that means being beautiful. It's OK to be me. It's OK to be GREAT.

Blogger Awards

OK, guys. I stink with blogger awards. Sorry about that. I know I've been given several lately, and I hope I thanked you each for them, I really do appreciate them and feel so special when someone thinks of me for one. I do however stink about posting about them. It's just hard for me to single out a few great bloggers to pass awards on to when I love so many. If you've given me an award in the past and I didn't post about it: sorry! I am going to try and do better from now on. I love our blogger community and awards are a fun part of that. So....
Keri over at Life Lesson A Day has given me this sweet (pun intended) award!
Thanks girl!
For this award you do three things. First, thank the person that gave it to you (check). Second, give the award to 5 other Rockin' bloggers (this is the hardest part of award posts for me...only 5?? There's so many I love) and say why they are getting it. Here's my 5 for this award (If you've already gotten it, I guess you're just extra sweet!):

  1. Danielle from Mayor of the Bux. I totally heart this girl. She is one of my favorite Twitter friends and when I thought of sweet people she popped in my head right away!
  2. Andrew from Andrew is Getting Fit. I read nothing in the 'rules' saying this was a chick only award, LOL. Andrew is seriously just awesome. He reads and leaves encouraging comments on so many blogs he just amazes me. We are a lucky community to have him.
  3. Laura from 100in12. This girl just rocks. That pretty much sums it up! She totally makes me giggle with her cheesy post titles lately. Luv her.
  4. Mary from A Merry Life. Mary is GREAT. She just is. She is encouraging and inspiring and real and sweet and....yes, luv this girl too!
  5. Oh my, last one? Can I break the rules, I have 5 more at OK, hmmm. Gotta be Carla from MizFitOnline. Her encouragement and support are priceless to me and countless others. What would our blogging community be without her? I shudder to think ;)
The last thing is to say why I got it. In Keri's words:
Kat is always pushing herself to the best she can be, and she is always sharing her love for everyone on her blog and she really makes you feel like we're a big family.  I love that about her, among many other things.   Makes you feel like we're a big family.  I love that about her, among many other things.

Aw, she makes me blush. Thanks again Keri.
PS don't feel bad if you guys don't have time to blog about this award (ha ha I'm the last to complain about that), just wanted you to know you were amazing bloggers!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

All Things Vitalicious Review * * * * * 5 Stars

FTC Disclaimer: The oh so wonderful people over at sent me this awesome product sampler to review. The reactions and opinions are my own and I received no monetary compensation for this.

Take everything you've ever known about 100 calorie snacks. What they taste like. Their nutritional content (or lack thereof). The way they don't fill you up. Their ingredients. Preservatives. Everything. Wad it up in a little ball and toss it out.

Now, meet Vitalicious Foods Inc.  They make individually wrapped 100 calorie VitaTops, VitaBrownies, VitaMuffins, and more! Most amazing about these snacks is their stats:

  • 100 calories     
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • Whole grains
  • 5g - 6g of fiber
  • 0g - 1.5g of fat
  • 3g - 4g protein
  • 15 vitamins and minerals

Amazing. Portion control. Nutrition. How about taste? If you've been listening to my Twitter chatter lately you are well aware I haven't yet met a Vitalicious product I didn't like. They were all delicious. I did however fall in love with a few. 

First VitaTops were my favorite of the products I tried. Tried them in the toaster, warmed a little in the microwave, and yes, even tried the chocolate varieties frozen! And liked them that way. OK, weird maybe, but the Chocolate Mint were really yummy frozen. You have to freeze your Vitalicious products because they are preservative free!

The Deep Chocolate VitaTops are beyond amazing and I love, love, love them. They were far and away this chocolate freaks favorite. They're a chocolate muffin top with chocolate chips. Sort of like, chocolate, squared, for a 100 calories?! Yes, Please.

One that surprised me as my next favorite was the Golden Corn VitaTops. I didn't expect to love these so much, but I do. They were like the best corn bread I've ever had. Loved them with turkey chili. 
My next favorite was the Double Chocolate Dream. Tried these warmed in the microwave and frozen. LOVE them. They are chocolate muffin tops with white chocolate chips and so good I don't think I can do them justice with words...sounds maybe? MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm. Yes, that's close.
Rounding out my chocolate fix were the Chocolate Mint VitaTops and the Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip VitaTops. I loved them equally and couldn't choose which one I preferred. I tried the Fudgy Peanut Butter Chips ones frozen and in the toaster. They are chocolate muffin tops with peanut butter chips. Chocolate and peanut butter is my favorite combination and now I have a 100 calorie replacement for the evil that is peanut butter cup ice cream! The Chocolate Mint I only tried frozen, I just really loved them this way. 
I also tried:
Raisin Bran VitaTops. I don't generally love raisins, but these were good. Sort of like portable raisin bran! Banana Nut VitaTops which were super yummy banana nut muffin tops. The BlueBran VitaTops were like a yummy blueberry cereal bar muffin. The CranBran VitaTops I loved. The AppleBerry VitaTops were quite tasty, they have chunks of apples, cranberries, and blueberries. I tried all of these warmed in the microwave and in the toaster. I found they all made great quick breakfasts pre-workout.

I didn't try the Triple Chocolate Chunk VitaTops or the Dark Chocolate Pomegranate VitaTops. But I found them on the website and drooled a little so I thought I'd share, they look amazing!
I also got to try the Deep&Velvety Chocolate VitaBrownies. I tried these frozen and warmed in the microwave. AMAZING. I don't generally add nuts to brownies, but loved these. They were the perfect little sweet treat to conquer a sugar craving. With no guilt. Plus, with 4g of protein and 6g of fiber I was satisfied with just one. Can't beat that.
I am giving Vitialicious products 5 stars. I don't give that rating lightly around here, but I give it freely in this case. Great products. They are portion controlled, but not tiny like I had thought they might be for 100 calories. Delicious doesn't begin to describe them (especially the chocolate varieties, mmmm). Plus, I feel good about their ingredients, nutritional content, and lack of preservatives. A good measure for me is whether I would feed something to my kids. I would absolutely feed these to my kids!

Have you tried any of these products? What is your fav? Are you hearing of them first here, or from my Twitter rants? I saw they also have VitaCoffee?! Anyone tried it? 
Hit me up in the comments and let me know.

Kick Some Asphalt Challenge Week 2 Recap

How was your week? Did you run? Did you walk? Did you walk/run? Don't forget to give us the break down in the comments. If you are part of this challenge, don't forget you need to check in each weekly post in the comments to be eligible for the socks. Doesn't matter how your running week went, only that you check in about it! If you missed commenting last week, go back and do it now:

I had an AWESOME running week! I really feel progress is being made. 

I made the decision to toss out hill runs until I can do them outside. I really just hate them on the treadmill. Getting myself to run and workout is hard enough without trying to make myself do something I hate. So, I will be doing speed intervals twice a week and adding hills back in when I am able to get outside for them.

Wednesday I did 30 minutes of speed intervals. I walked one minute at 3 mph then ran 1 minute at 6 to 7.5 mph. Felt great. 

My workout schedule got shifted around this week because of soreness. I rested Monday AND Thursday! I wound up doing my second intervals workout Saturday, when I try to have Saturday be a rest day before my longer run. But I ran Saturday because I wanted to get 3 runs in! I am focused on that 5k time. It was the same workout as Wednesday.

Then, dun dun dun, came Sunday. I was sore from working out hard. Sore was the theme of last week for some reason. But I was determined to kick that three miles in the tail. So I decided I would slow down my pace a little, but still get my run in. My goal was to run the entire thing. I did stop and walk very briefly at 2 miles and 2.5 miles. Otherwise, I ran the whole thing and am so glad to be able to hold a run again. Finally. Coming back from injury seems to be taking forever. Yes, I should have biked to keep my cardio up like the doc said. Hindsight.

That was my week in running, Now you!!! Go...

I am just a blogger, not a doctor or any sort of professional. What you read here are my personal experiences and opinions. Of course, always consult your doctor before trying a diet,  or new workout program.

03.14.2010 Weigh In

This morning's weigh in was 176.5. I'm pretty happy with that. 2 lbs down from last week. My body fat monitor said 32.4% and 28.5 BMI.

Slow and steady making progress. I like it!

Have a great Sunday!

WOW! Had to come back and edit this post after updating my weight loss ticker. Since having my third son I am down 49.5 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is almost the 50 pound lost mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING. My little ticker girl is inching ever closer to her goal. LOVE IT. Looking forward to busting the 50 pound milestone next week. Woo Hoooooo!!!

Are You...Followin' ME?!

TGIF! I am having a crazy Friday and don't have time for a 'real' post. Whatever that is!

But I want to mention something that has been on my mind lately. I had a couple of giveaways and some new peeps find my blog. First, HI! Second, I have been too busy to go through my follower list and follow back all your wonderful blogs. I don't like this! If you are following me and have a blog, please leave me a comment with a link so I can go check it out this weekend. Sorry if I'm being lazy, but a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do! 

Also, if you've added me to your blogroll and I don't have you on mine, leave me a comment so I can fix that! 

AND....I'm much better at my follow back on Twitter, but if I've missed you tweet at me or leave me a comment for that too. If you're on Twitter and not following me, well, what are you waiting for?! LOL, @katdoesdiets on Twitter ;)

I love the community of blogging and don't want to get so busy that I'm not connecting.

I'll have some product reviews coming up soon that I'm very excited about. Gotta go be a mom now though...Have a HAPPY Friday and a great weekend!

Letter to My Jeans

OK, so I'm into letters to inanimate objects lately!

Dear Ms. Cute Jeans,

First I want to thank you. Thank you Ms. Cute Jeans for making me feel like I looked cute on Thanksgiving and again on Christmas. Thank you for fitting me and not giving me a muffin top, and thank you for not making me feel self conscious. Most of all thank you for showing the progress of my hard work better than Mr. Scale. I have enjoyed you thoroughly in our short time together.

I realize that I have always treated you rather tenderly. Washing you carefully and never putting you in the dryer for fear of shrinkage. Please do not be alarmed if I now wash you in hot water and put you through the dryer in an effort to keep you around a little longer. Think of it as a spa. You must understand that the budget doesn't allow for new jeans right now and plus, you're just so stinkin cute. But you know that already. 

I genuinely enjoy feeling skinny when I put you on now. However, you are positively falling off of me; it just doesn't look very nice. We will hope shrinkage will occur. If not, I will be sad when I give you away. But no tears. Leave in triumph, knowing you have completed your mission here and will move on to bless someone else.

With Love,

Kat (aka the chick in the baggy jeans)

Thank You

Here it 100th Post! Woot Woot! I tossed around all kinds of ideas of what it should be. I am really proud of my little blog and excited about this milestone. I decided my 100th post would be a Thank You! When I think about my blog and all the wonderful people I encounter through it I am thankful. So I'm going to make like an Oscar winner, get all sappy, and thank some people!

First, I want to thank two people and a company who really brightened my week last week. As I blogged about last week, we are having money troubles right now. I haven't had grocery money for almost 3 weeks now (don't worry, we'll be fine). I was feeling a bit down about this last week and within a day span I received three things in the mail. I've heard of pennies from Heaven, but this was like presents from Heaven!  

I want to thank Kami Gray who recently sent me a copy of her book The Denim Diet.

I want to thank Vitalicious who sent me  huge sampler of VitaTops and VitaBrownies

I want to thank Tracey Mallett who sent me a copy of her workout DVD Lose the Belly Flab.

Big thank you to all of them for putting a smile on my face during a difficult time. I know companies send things for bloggers to review all the time, but the timing made it special to me.

Next, I want to thank all of you that read my blog and comment on my blog. You rock. I hope that my next 100 blog posts will be worthy of your reading. Your support and kind words mean so much to me.

A huge thank you goes out to are always there. Your love, support, kindness, encouragement, and yes, your ninja-ness are so important to me. I couldn't ask for a better friend.

I also would like to thank all my Twitter friends. As a stay at home mom who homeschools you guys help keep me sane!

Last, I would like to thank my fellow bloggers. You all are this whole wonderful, supportive, encouraging community that I feel proud to be a part of.

I work very hard to keep my attitude positive and grateful, it's not my natural bent, but I think it is important and makes all aspects of my life better. I have a lot to be thankful for in my life and I think it is important to remember this, especially in the hard times.  Who knew my silly little blog would bring so many wonderful people into my life? But it has and I am grateful.

Thank you! Here's to 100 more posts!