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4 Hour Body First Week Results

Well, it's been an interesting week. I had tons of energy and felt great the whole time. My workouts were off and happened much less often for me, just life stuff, not really any other reason. I have them planned out now, and that always helps. I think I stuck to the eating plan as set out in the book pretty well. You can follow all of that over at Adventures in Tracking. All in all a good week I'd say.

I did start getting a few cravings on days 6 and 7. (Only having fruit and my Coach's Oats once a week is proving tougher than I thought!) Today will be my off, or higher calorie day, so I hope that'll solve that. I was reluctant to take an off day since my week one results weren't stellar, but it's a part of the plan, so I am.

It's a very interesting plan. Lets just say I'm not QUITE sick of beans yet, but after 30 days I just might be! (and I like beans)

I did start the supplements he discusses in the book, but only for the last two days of this week. I wanted to see how the diet plan was on its own first.

After all the hype and hoopla I'm a little disappointed in my week 1 results (although it is that time of the month so I can't say the weight is accurate), but I've committed to 30 days, and 30 days I shall do. 

Without further yammering, my week 1 results:

Starting Weight: 180 pounds    Week 1 Weight: 179
Starting Body Fat %: 33.3        Week 1 BF %: 32.3
Starting BMI: 29                        Week 1: BMI 28.9
Arms (mid-bicep):  Right 12 3/4" Left 12 1/2"    Week 1: same
Waist (at belly button): 37 1/2"                        Week 1: 37 1/4
Hips: 44"                                                           Week 1: same
Legs (mid thigh): Right 22" Left 22"                  Week 1: same

Nothing life changing so far, except that I will say I am not hungry all the time like I'm used to. That has been wonderful. In fact, during the last week I had to remind myself to eat. NOT normal for me, but kind of nice.