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Bring Back That...Motivated Feeling

This time of year a lot of us are all riled up and raring to go. We are ready to kick some butt, do this thing, be awesome, and dominate the world...We have motivation oozing from our pores (surely that's not just me). But for most of us that will fade. Life will happen, curveballs will be thrown, and we'll lose that motivated feeling. What then can be done?

Like I said in yesterday's post I think it's most important to focus on our commitment, hard work, consistent good choices, and surrounding ourselves with a positive support system. But, I do think there are things we can do to capture that motivated feeling again too. When we're just not feeling it we can:
  1. Rely on that positive support system we've formed. Whether it be calling or texting a friend, reaching out in the blogging community, or even facebook and twitter: ask for help, admit you need encouragement, do not be afraid to share where you really are! I think you'll be surprised how invaluable this can be. We are often afraid to admit when we're having a tough time, until we're mired in funkyville. We do not have to do this alone! Reach out. Enough said.
  2. Make a vision board. I have a wall in my office where I have plastered pictures that represent my goals, words, sayings, etc. I can just go up there and sit for a while, take it all in, and visualize my successes. I feel refreshed, re-inspired. Mizfit will be sharing about this idea during the #SFCFIT Chat on Twitter Wednesday February 2nd at 6:30 Central time. Mark your calendars and join us for that!
  3. Read success stories. You can find these in book form, online, and even in magazines. Seeing someone who has succeeded at what you are trying to do can be amazingly encouraging and inspiring. I love to read the success stories in Oxygen magazine, peruse the before and after pictures. It reminds me that it's not impossible, that I can do this thing!
  4. Start a friendly competition. With yourself or with a friend or two. Competition can really get some of our motivation juices flowing. Compete for bragging rights or pitch in a little for a prize for the 'winner'. Or simply compete with yourself. Can you best your fastest mile? Your 5k? Your bench press? Pick something (get creative, don't just make it pounds on the scale) and challenge yourself and/or others.
  5. Remind yourself why you want this, why you are doing this in the first place! **2011 Journal Entry: Anyone following along with these, this is our first journal prompt. Sit down and write out your WHY. Why do you want this goal you have? Why are you doing this? Why do you want this success? Whether it is to lose weight, or run a marathon, or write a book. WHY do you want to accomplish this goal? Go crazy, write out every single reason you can think of. Come on, don't just write 5 or 6, have fun, make the list as long as you can. Do you want to rock a little black dress at a family event/class reunion? Do you want to run your first 5k or inspire your family members? Write it all out. Then, whenever you need re-motivated, get this list back out. Feel those feelings you felt when you wrote it. Sometimes we just have to stir ourselves up!
Those are some things I do, I hope they're helpful. What about you, what do you DO when you want to feel motivated?