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The Day After

This is NOT me today! ;) Source

I woke up this morning feeling fantastic. It's November 1st and I feel AMAZING! Now, this may not seem like a stop-the-presses-hold-the-phone-mark-the-calendar event, but it is. You see, normally November 1 is the day after. The day after Halloween (obviously). The day after I stuffed so much candy in my face I should have gone into a sugar coma. The day after funk.

Normally I pretty much lose control on Halloween. There have been Halloweens where I have eaten piece, after piece, after piece of Halloween candy. Shoving Kit Kats, Reeses Cups, Mini Twix, M&Ms in my face. The amount of candy consumed on that one day being absolutely absurd. I'm talking bags, not handfuls. There have been Halloweens where I ran out of those and moved on to the 'junk' candy. Shovelling shovelling shovelling, feeling like I couldn't stop myself. Often I'd start out with the best of intentions, but somewhere along the way I always seemed to lose it.

But not yesterday. Yesterday, I set the goal of not having one single piece of Halloween candy. I understand that a lot of people preach moderation, have one or two pieces, and all that. I can't do that. That's just me. So, last night my goal was to not even open those flood gates. And I didn't!

My strategy was to make some 'treats' for myself and just flat avoid everything else. I made paleo friendly pumpkin muffins and pumpkin seeds. They felt festive to me, but weren't something that was going to send me down the slippery slope. 

My plan worked for me. And I feel amazing about it. This is the first day after Halloween that I don't have the day after Halloween guilt, funk, feeling like crap, sugar hangover feeling. I'm proud of myself. 

I share this, not to brag, but to let you know there is hope. Whether you traversed the day like a pro or dove head first into the candy bowl, today is a new day. It's November 1st, a shiny new month. Let's go forth and make it a fantastic one! Shall we?