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Wednesday Weigh in 11/16

I didn't want to weigh this morning, then after I weighed I didn't want to post.

I'm still in this 175 Plateau. Circling around back and forth. Up half a pound, down half a pound. Up a pound, down a pound. I've been feeling beyond frustrated with it. 

But then, I made a choice. I decided I am going to focus on the positive. Success is not in that scale. Success is in the choices I make day in, day out, every day. 

This last week I stuck with my #30days2ahabit and rocked my workouts. The only day I missed was Sunday. I thought about re-starting the 30 days, but decided not to unless I miss another day. I did level 3 of Jillian's new Killer Buns & Thigh DVD. Oh. My. It is killer. I did every move and even the advanced versions of most. I'm crazy sore, but I'm crazy proud. I'm not sure if I've ever done a Jillian level 3 before.

My eating was just kind of meh. I didn't make bad food choices, but overall ate more than I needed to. Snacking being my main issue.

Ok, to this week's numbers:

Weight 174.5 (down half a pound from last week)
Waist 31.5 (same)
Right Thigh 20 (same)
Right Calf 13.75 (down .25)
Right Arm 11.75 (same)
Hips 40.5 (same)

This week I am going to add laying out my workout clothes, shoes, water, and choosing my workout the night before to #30days2ahabit. It makes working out so much easier when everything is ready to go.

How has your week been?