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Every Workout Wardrobe Needs: A Great Fleece Jacket

Disclaimer: PrAna sent me the Drea jacket that was inspiration for this post.

As fall is here and winter just around the corner many of us don't want to be chased inside for all of our workouts. I love working out outside and I've found a great fleece jacket is the perfect way to keep my workouts outdoors! Whether walking, hiking, or running a fleece is a great way to stay warm and toasty without the bulk of some other jackets. It's definitely a must-have for any fitness wardrobe.

These days there are fleece jackets in every size and shape. There's one to suit just about any workout you'd want to take outside.

Things to consider when searching for your perfect fleece jacket

Do you prefer a pullover or full-zip jacket? 

For your purposes would a collar or hoodie style work better? 
PrAna's Dee Dee Jacket

Do the pockets zip? For me this is a must for all fitness jackets. Nothing worse than losing something out of your pocket on a run.

Do you need a moisture wicking fleece? If I plan to use it for running this is a must. 

Is it quality? A good fleece will last you years. Definitely go for quality here.

Is it a color you love? Sure fitness fashion needs to be functional, but it can be cute too!

Do you prefer more fitted/less fitted? 

Can you see yourself loving it and wearing it again and again? Like I said a good fleece should last you years, so you want to love the one you choose.

My perfect fleece jacket

My perfect fleece jacket is the PrAna Drea. It fits all of my preferences to a T. I love the hoodie and fold-over cuffs (I am forever losing one glove on runs). The quality is exceptional and the style equally so. The fit is perfect (fitted without being clingy or tight), the pockets zip, and it's made from wicking performance fleece. I can wear it for walks, hikes, or runs (or let's face it, to the grocery store). It's warm and cozy and cute and... perfect.

Have you found your perfect fleece jacket?