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Fitness Fashion Friday 3/24

FitViews Fitness Fashion Friday 3/24

I started the year off with a run streak. Low mileage, nothing crazy, but it was soooo good for me. The consistency did more for me and my running than I'd done the entire 3 years post-baby #4. 

It feels so great to be back to running again. Running is my me-time, my therapy, my time to burn all the junk out of my head. I was really starting to miss it for much more than just the fitness aspect of it.

With a renewed love of running comes a renewed need for runfashion right? It's a runcessity. For the runspiration, right? OK, I have runfession, I might have an issue with made up run___ words.

Let's just get to the fashion...

What are you excited about in running gear and fashion lately?
Who has more punny run____ words?