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xoxo, Kerri O.

#WIDN Weight-Loss Edition

Hey guys! Long time no check-in. Quite honestly, I wasn't having much progress with my weight loss efforts and didn't have anything to say.

However, 5 weeks back I took a hard look at what I was doing (not just what I thought I was doing; it's not always the same). What was working. What wasn't. What had worked in the past. And, formulated a new plan.

Happily, I can say I've lost 7 pounds in that 5 weeks!

In the past I would have been pissed at that number for not being 'enough', but I'm pretty happy with ANY progress right now (did I mention Baby O will be 3 next month?!). Crazy enough, it was 4 pounds the first week and then 3 pounds another week. With nothing in the other weeks. Strange, but hey, I'll take it.

So, what have I found that is working for me right now?

Well, first I am back to food prepping pretty much everything I eat. Instead of just prepping ingredients and things for the family as a whole like I discuss in this post, I am prepping my