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My Story

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to learn a little bit about me. I'm Kerri, a wife and mom of 4 living my dreams in Eastern Idaho. I'm a fan of semi-colons, ellipses, and Oxford commas. I love good strong coffee and hanging out on Instagram. Things like self-sufficiency, permaculture, and alternative agriculture fascinate me. I'm passionate about real food, relentless positivity, and debt-free living. I believe in a life lived on purpose. My life is a mindfully cultivated hodge-podge of bliss. I am a blogger, runner, recipe creator, homeschooler, wanna-be farmer, rabid reader, distressed denim aficionado, SAHM, baker and candlestick-maker. Ok, I don't really make candlesticks... but I might try it some day. My motto is: "Life is short. LIVE your dreams."

Me around the web:

My fitness and weight loss journey has been a bit long and winding. I have been overweight my whole adult life. But sometimes I wasn't. I yo-yo'd a lot. After having my third son and turning 30 shortly after, I felt like my body wasn't my own. It was holding onto weight for dear life and no matter what I tried it just didn't want to let go. The same old tricks just didn't seem to be working. I wasn't just overweight, I was obese and no longer felt like myself. I didn't want to leave the house. I didn't want people to see me. I was completely out of shape. I felt trapped in my own body. I was unhealthy and miserable.

I binged, I felt guilty, I felt shame, I binged some more.

Then, I decided to do something.

Before (12 years ago)--245 pounds, Size 22

I tried low carb, I tried calorie counting, I found SparkPeople.


I tried working out 2 hours a day.


I started running. I fell in love with it. For the first time in my life it taught me that I CAN.

195 -- first 5k

My first ever race. It changed my life. Running changed my life.

187--first full marathon

Went straight from a couple of 5ks to a marathon. Please don't try this at home ;) 


 Next, I started lifting heavy, did ChaLEAN Extremeand fell in love with lifting weights. I also started doing a lot of research on nutrition.


Right about here I got stuck. Up a few pounds down a few pounds. Around and around I went for over a year. I read up on Paleo and jumped in with both feet.
Paleo was another life-changer. It's what works for me. Not because of weight loss, but I just feel better eating that way. My urge to binge eat is completely gone and I am full of energy. Paleo is not a fad for me, it's still how I eat today.

After starting Paleo 165

So then, I was working on workout consistency and getting to the fitness level I wanted. I felt amazing. I felt strong and fit. I was amazed at what I was capable of. I was a weight loss success story, my blog took off, I was a happier healthier me. I did Jillian Michael's Body Revolution and got down to around 155. Then did a 30 day shred and got down to around 150. I really felt like I'd finally 'made it'. My relationship with food, exercise, and my body was completely transformed.

155 post Body Revolution

Right here is where SURPRISE, I found out I was pregnant with Baby #4. Here we go again...

195 - 3 weeks postpartum - July 15, 2013
I went in circles the first 7 months post-baby. I'd try the same tough/intense workouts I loved pre-baby only to realize my fitness level wasn't there yet. Then, I'd get frustrated and quit. Around and around like that I went. Up a few pounds, down a few pounds.

I was shocked at how my mental state slid back to where it was years before. I was feeling shame about my body and having the urge to emotionally eat again. It was like being physically transported to my pre-weightloss body transported me emotionally as well. I had a lot to work through, AGAIN.

194 - 7 months postpartum - February 1, 2014

I had a few brief bouts of success when I focused on consistency. I realized I had to take it slow and build myself back to the heavy lifting and intense cardio (HIIT, tabata, etc) that I love. I did Ultimate Booty Workouts and focused on being consistent with my workouts and eating. Consistency paid off...

184 - 10 months postpartum - April 27, 2014

Aaaaaand then I spent 2015 and 2016 going back and forth again. Then, backsliding into the emotional eating stuff and regaining weight. I had some major life changes (like moving from Colorado to Idaho), battled with seasonal depression again, and fell back into old unhealthy patterns. I was 222 January 2017. That number pretty much scared me silly and knocked some sense into me. I had managed to nearly get back to where I was at the very beginning.

No. Not OK with me. Not going there. 

I am refocused and recommitted. Committed to being well, to feeling my best, and being fit and strong again. I choose to take care of me. Again, I am focusing on consistent action. Consistent workouts, consistent food choices (I've gone keto), and consistent accountability. I'm also looking at everything I can do to optimize this keto, weight loss, and getting back to fit journey. More on that in 2018!

No photoshopped journey here. I'm a real person. I struggle. But I'm not giving up. I. Will. Get there! New progress pics coming soon...

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