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2017 Gift Guide - Iconic, Must-Have, Can't Go Wrong Gifts on Amazon

It's that time of year again! Crank up the holiday tunes and pass the peppermint mochas it's time for my 2017 Gift Guide!
I've decided to do something just a little bit different this year. This year I'm completely focused on those iconic, must-have, truly cannot go wrong gifts that are readily available on Amazon. I really wanted to narrow my list down to just a handful of really great gifts. Well, I have agonized over my suggestions, and I truly believe you cannot go wrong with anything from my gift guide this year!

Kitchen Gifts
Kitchenaid 5 Quart Stand Mixer

Nothing says I Love You like Kitchenaid. Just sayin'. I don't know many women (and lots of men) who wouldn't love and really use this gift. It's truly the top iconic kitchen gift. Pro tip: you're going to want to be sure and pick a color that goes with their kitchen.

Instant Pot Ultra

Everyone's mother's sister's dog's aunt's neighbor wants an Instant Pot. They really are all t…

Best Ketone Meter? Keto Mojo Unboxing, Demo, and Review

Since going keto I've noticed quite the debate going on in the keto community surrounding testing your ketones. How can you tell if you're in ketosis? Should you test for ketones? Is it a waste of time and money? What's the best method for testing for ketones? Urine strips, blood meter, breath meter? Is it too obsessive to monitor your ketone levels? Are urine strips inferior? What's the best blood ketone meter?

Quite the hot topic!

As for me, I started out the first 2 weeks doing the Ketostix urine strips. They're easily accessible (I found them at my local Walgreens) and let me know whether I was in ketosis or not. I know there's a lot of controversy in the keto community whether they're a very accurate measure, but they were fine for my needs at that point. I just wanted a yes or no. Was I in ketosis? They served this purpose perfectly.

After the first 2 weeks, I didn't monitor at all. I wanted to not obsess and focus on getting the food right and reall…