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I am not easily defeated!

I had the craziest evening last night, I just had to share my story. 

I was supposed to host the #FitStudio chat on twitter. My internet went down yesterday morning. I wasn't too worried, it does this on occassion.

So, I called the company. Now, we have rural, out in the middle of nowhere, something close to high speed type internet....ya, the joys of rural living. The guy on the phone, who is always the same guy on the phone, said he had a line of people in front of me and he would call me back.

No call. None. So, I decided I would go out to my in-laws because they live about 5 miles away on the family ranch where they can get DSL. Lucky them.

Went out to start my Durango. The driver door was frozen shut. All other doors were locked. The keys? In it.

Frantically, I came in looking for spare keys. Couldn't find. So, I go back out and hammer at the ice on the outside of the car, get most of it broken off. Still won't open.

I have called hubby 5,000,003 times by now with no answer as to where he is. My only other option to drive is our Dodge truck, which is filled with firewood still from last weekend.

By now it's a little after 6 and the chat starts at 6:30. I am not one to tell someone I'm going to do something and then not do it. I was crushed. I came in the house and laughed. One of those well, crap, what else ya gonna do laughs.

I thumb typed my chat questions and sent them to Sarah at Fit Studio.

At that moment my PHONE decides to slow down. I can't even get uber twitter to move. It's a bit past 6:30 and chatters are, well, chatting! Blargh. I was beginning to think I wouldn't even be able to participate in the chat I was supposed to host!

Then, at that moment, hubby rode in on his white horse...OK, he drove up in our $600 Honda named Andy. With...his company laptop...that has a Verizon internet card!! Woot!

I was able to do the chat, although the connection was just a bit slow...then, then, oh, I almost can't say it...once the chat was over...Hubby hooked up our other wireless router (yes, for some crazy reason we have two) and bing. Up came the internet on my laptop. Yep, it was just our router.

What a night. was your Wednesday night?