Body After Baby 13 Weeks Postpartum UPDATE

Finished 30 Day PUSH
Focus. It's an easy thing to lose. I have to say that the online 30 Day PUSH challenge helped me immensely with this. Not only in my health/fitness, but even more so with other aspects of my life. Definitely recommend this challenge to all of my blogger friends.

A Jillian DietBet
In an effort to encourage focus I've joined a friend in the Jillian Michaels Dietbet. People have been asking what I think about Dietbet in general; I'll give a full review at the end.

Daily Eats
I've had several requests for an overview of what I eat, what a day of Paleo looks like for me, etc. You can always follow me on instagram, I try to share meals there, but here is yesterday:
Breakfast: Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes and Applegate turkey bacon.
Lunch part 1: deli chicken and a roma tomato.
Lunch part 2: smoothie.
Dinner: BBQ Beef and Smashed Cauliflower.
 New Scale
It seemed a new scale was in order for the Dietbet. Just wasn't convinced my old scale is entirely reliable. I of course picked the pink one at Target. Meet Taylor:
 Taylor sadly weighs me a pound heavier than my old scale. So, my initial Dietbet weigh in was 196.2. Moving on...

What's Beautiful
Loving the What's Beautiful site. I will get back in 5k shape!! My current game plan:

Body Revolution Round 2
Still trucking with Body Revolution. I missed two workouts this week. See what I mean about focus? It is so easy to let the craziness of daily life edge out the things I want. Self care as a mom is a constant process...

In case you missed it...
I reviewed my new workout capri obsession yesterday.

How's your week?