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Rethinking My Day With The New Polar Loop #rethinkyourday

Disclaimer: The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Polar.

Activity trackers intrigue me. I've been wanting one for a while, but couldn't settle on which one to get. I've used a Polar to track my workouts and runs for years and am definitely a fan, so when I found out that Polar was coming out with an activity tracker I was pretty danged excited. 

  • Tracks five different levels of activity and distinguishes between activities such as gentle walking and running.
  • Displays daily activity , calories burned, steps taken, and time of day.
  • Is the first waterproof activity tracker. Can be worn swimming!
  • Provides guidance (which updates throughout the day) on how to reach your daily activity goal.
  • Is compatible with the Polar H6 and H7 Heart Rate Sensors for added heart rate monitoring during workouts.
  • In combination with the Polar Flow site, provides a daily, weekly, or monthly overview of and feedback on activity levels and workouts.
  • Is the only activity tracker that accurately measures all physical activity and compares it with physical activity guidelines from the World Health Organization.

Since having a baby last June I've struggled with losing the baby weight and returning to my previous level of fitness. The concept of tracking all of my activity and not just my workouts is what drew me to an activity tracker, but I didn't realize just how much I would learn from that!

What my Polar Loop taught me:

A little too much rest in my rest day.
Before the Loop I had no idea how slothful I was on my rest day! 5702 steps? Not. Good. On top of that I also tend to bake and eat more calories on my rest day. Enlightening? Oh yes.

The power of fitting in a morning workout!
I know I feel better and get more accomplished on days I fit in a morning workout, but more steps by 7:30 AM than during my entire rest day? Wow, that really put it into perspective for me. I will definitely be making the time for that AM workout.

Being aware is half the battle.
I tend to be fairly active in my daily life, however during the winter months I can fall into the rut of not being as active. Top that with days when I need to do more online/blog related stuff and it's a recipe for disaster. With the Loop I found myself being more aware, catching days like this, and adding activity where I could. Once I was aware it was so simple to take a quick walk with the kids after lunch, run up and down the stairs a few times while the baby napped, or walk to the post office instead of driving. And boy can those little bits of activity add up...

Baby O must not have gotten her 10,000 steps.
I was ready to crash and she was ready to go!
I'm quite smitten with my Polar Loop and the Polar Flow site. I love the information and feedback they give. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say they've been a game changer for me. 

Rethinking my approach:

I love the #rethinkyourday hashtag because that's exactly what my Loop has made me do! Rethink my day; every day. Since putting on my Polar Loop a week ago (and not taking it off; it's meant to be worn 24 hours a day, even in the shower and sleeping) it's been one light bulb moment after another. Weight loss, health, and fitness don't only happen in my 30 minute workout, but when it comes to activity that's all I had been looking at!

I was surprised by the first week of wearing my Polar Loop. Surprised and intrigued. In the past I focused only on tracking my workouts. I'm curious what a complete shift to looking at the overall picture of my daily activity and not just a small portion could do. 

The holidays seem like a perfect time to find out. Things tend to get crazy busy this time of year and just wearing my Loop and aiming for an activity goal seems so much less stress inducing! I'm going to aim for 12000 to 15000 daily steps (and 10,000 on my rest days). I'm excited to see how this simplified approach will affect my losing the baby weight/returning to my previous level of fitness quest!

Do you use an activity tracker? Any questions about the Polar Loop?