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But I Don't WANNA Do Low Carb!!

I say that with my best bratty look on my face and stamping my little Nike clad feet. I don't WANNA do low carb! I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna!!

So, weigh in is tomorrow. I snuck a peek this morning, and, ya, ugh. Won't 'spoil' it, but ugh. I'm at a sticky point. I've gotten stuck around 185 every time I've lost weight. (sad it's been so many, but that's another tangent) My body really wants to hang out here! My pants are a little loser and I may go ahead and do pics tomorrow even though the scale hasn't budged much, but come on. I am working my tail off here! I'm used to losing 3 lbs a week with this kind of effort.

I have always had the most success in weight loss through low carb plans. Dropped it like it was hot on Atkins, rocked South Beach, and many times did well on my own made up plan that kept me under 25-30 grams of carbs a day. But eventually always fell off the low carb wagon (usually because of pregnancy) and regained.

Only once can I think of that I did well at something other than low carb. That was during a 'biggest loser' contest I was part of. I really wanted to win the money! I came in second (behind a boy), I think I lost around 12% of my body weight in...3 months. But, it was insane, I was working out 1-2.5 hours a day and eating 1000-1300 calories per day. I don't think I can live like that! Pretty sure my husband wouldn't like it either. (He lost 9 pounds in the last 2 weeks! again, another tangent)

This week my calories were close to 1200 (my goal) most days, and never over 1500. I worked out hard, and, blech. So, am I doomed to go back to low carb? I know, nice sunny attitude I have about it! I have been enjoying being off low carb. However, I want the weight off. I feel so done with the losing weight process; I want the maintaining weight process to begin. Yet, my wheat thins would miss me so, and my kashi cereal, and, and, oh crum.

I don't tend to be as hungry when I am low carbin' it. Once in a while during pms I will go nuts and eat 5 bagels or something because I feel deprived, but overall I tend to do pretty well. I would have to make room for fruit, I think I would miss my apples too much. And, maybe I could allow a day off to enjoy carbs once in you see me trying to talk myself into it???

My other option is going on some sort of plan. I'm reading several books right now and thinking maybe just something different, with structure, could knock me out of this slump. Something that says, eat x, y, and z. I'm feeling pretty indecisive. I know my personality, and I know if I don't get some results soon I will be hugely tempted to say f-this.

What do you guys think?