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Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Power Squad Bod! Calorie Blasting Dance Review * * *

OK, to be totally honest, I really thought this was going to be my first one or two star review and I was a little looking forward to writing a rip an tear review. But, alas, I didn't hate it. But I didn't love it either. I'm giving it three stars.

I tried out for cheerleading in the 7th grade. It was a large school and I didn't make it. My inner cheerleader has been happily stuffed down deep where she belongs ever since. And don't fret, that's where she'll stay. I do have to admit that I had fun doing this workout, Shh don't tell. Being enjoyable is something you want to find in a workout, you have to actually get yourself to do it somehow. But the workout itself just wasn't very challenging or 'calorie blasting' for me.

DVD Menu:
Play All
Customize Your Workout
Bonus Features
Audio Set Up

The set is a plain wood floor with blue curtains and a DCC symbol in the back. The cast is, of course, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and for warm up and cool down their assitant choreographer. The play all workout of the DVD is 36 minutes long and starts with a warm up, then breaks down the routine you will be learning into bite sized pieces. You will learn each little part and then put it all together at the end. Then it ends with a cool down.

For the brief warm up you will do grapevines, shoulder rolls, arm circles, etc. Make sure you learn that 'sexy walk' you'll need it. In this section and throughout the workout you aren't only listening to the person leading, but the rest seem to call things out randomly. That was a bit weird for me.

Brittany's Body Burn is next. Brittany is what I would expect a DCC to be, and while I'm sure she is a wonderful person, a bit syrupy, bubbly, cute for me at 4:45am. You'll learn a snipit of the routine here, going through it slowly one piece at a time and then putting it together.

Ally's Long and Lean is the next portion of the routine you will learn. I liked Ally's manner of speaking, she's not quite as cutesy. Although she is going to encourage you several times to get sexy and super sassy.

The next portion is Kandi's Bump and Pop. Kandi was one of my favorites from the workout. She wasn't annoying and encourages you to keep your energy up and have some fun. This girl was pure muscle, and I would love a DVD that shows how she got that way, because I doubt it was this routine.

Meredith's Bounce and Groove is the next section of the routine. I found Meredith pleasant and easy to follow.

The last portion is Makenzi's Mak Attack. Makenzi's cues were a little hard to follow for me at first, but after doing the workout through once had no problems.

Last you will go through the entire routine you just learned at tempo several times. I gotta say, this is the only time throughout the entire workout that my heart rate was up where I would like it to be during a workout. It even got into my target range...right at the end.

Wrapping it up is the Cool Down portion of the DVD. I would call this portion speed stretching.

In the Bonus Features is a brief standing ab routine and the routine you learned at full DCC Cheerleader speed. There's also a bonus sideline routine...which I would probably hide from hubby. No instruction here, just them doing a routine. There is also a Backstage with Bedhead, basically showing them filming and advertising Bedhead. The Also Available just shows the other two workout DVDs they have and their calendar.

Under Audio Setup you are given the choices of: Play with Instructor Audio and Music, Play with Instructor Audio Only, and Play with Music Only.

Now, the Customize section was my favorite part of this DVD. It was very cool. You can add any portions you want, multiple times if you want, and in whatever order you want. That was nice. You could even make it a longer workout if you wanted.

Overall this was just an OK workout DVD to me. The cues were not great in some parts and the workout not challenging. I only burned 160 calories doing the play all selection and for that amount of time with Jillian or Jackie I'd burn 350-450 calories. In fact, I did it this morning BEFORE my Last Chance Workout DVD, no problem.

It was however surprisingly fun and something I think I could talk myself into on those 'I just don't want to workout' days. The younger set might really enjoy it. If I choose to buy this DVD instead of just rent from Netflix, I would take a couple of workouts to do the play all workout until I felt comfortable with the moves. Then, I would string together several of the DCC Dance Attack sections with the customize feature and that would be my workout. Several of those portions together would probably get my heart rate up where I'd like and induce a little sweating.

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