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It really is all worth it.

For quite some time now my weight has hovered right around 185. Maybe up to 187, once down to 180, but right around 185. I ran a marathon at 185; have had some obvious shift between muscle and fat in my body composition since then, grrr. But stayed right there since...April or May I think.

Then, in the beginning of December I decided, enough already with the 185. Time to kick 185 to the curb! I kicked up my workouts a little and have been much more diligent (that's my word of the day aaah) with my workouts and calorie tracking since then. I also started this blog which has been surprisingly helpful in staying on course. Happily, the scale at last weigh in said 183, woo hoo. Finally.

Still, I've been dragging a bit and feeling that just-started-workin-out-more-and-eating-less tired. It's a good tired mind you, not that ugh-I'm-eating-too-much-sugary-carby-crap-can't-keep-my eyes-open-in-the-afternoon tired. But, nonetheless having problems getting up early for my workouts because my body was honest to goodness tired.

(cue the Chariots of Fire music) Then came this week, and I think I'm finally over that hump! My step is springier, my workouts have more oomph, my energy level has lept, and I feel good! My posture is even better. (Now, I'm not new to working out, I just had been sorta hodge-podge hit and miss working out here and there.) But, I actually feel taller.

It's all worth it. It really is all worth it. Getting up at 5 am and letting Jillian or Jackie or whoever the trainer of the morning is beat the crap out of me is paying off. Getting on the treadmill when I don't feel like it, getting on the exercise bike instead of mindlessly sitting on my butt watching Biggest Loser is getting results. Hallelujah!

Not only do I feel good but my pants are getting downright baggy. I'm due to weigh in Sunday, but I might have to do it Saturday because I really am excited to get on that device formerly known as cruel and unusual punishment. I'm not expecting miracles, but I'm pretty sure the downward trend has continued and I'm looking forward to seeing numbers to back up this good feeling.

Now, don't lecture me on setting myself up for disappointment. I know it's only been one week since I weighed last, and even if it's 1 pound down, 2 pounds down, or no pounds down I'm not getting discouraged. The important thing here is I FEEL flipping fantastic. Buh-Bye 185, don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out. (and don't come back now ya hear?)

It's all choices, and I for one plan to keep making good ones!
How about you? Tell me about your victories lately.