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WorkOut One-On-One Training with Jackie Review

I am giving Jackie Warner's WorkOut One-On-One Training With Jackie Five Stars as a good solid, full body workout with awesome focus on form.

For this workout you will need:
Handweights (to suit your fitness level)
A mat if working out on a hard surface

DVD menu: 
Customize Workout
Special Features

You may know Jackie from her Bravo show WorkOut. I can't say I'm a fan of her show (only watched it a couple of times), but I am a fan of this workout. Jackie gives great instruction on form and really stresses good form throughout the workout. Her training style and cues are very straight forward and easy to follow. Jackie is positive and encouraging without being bubbly and annoying. She talks a lot about the v-taper, or cheat taper as she calls it, and focuses on building that "v" shape in this workout (picture shoulders down to a smaller waist, like a v).

This DVD includes:
3, 20 minute workouts that can be done separately or combined. They are: Lower Body, Upper Body, and Core. The customization is a very nice option as you increase your fitness level. Beginners can start with one at a time and work up to two and then all three at a time. 
The set is very nice and clean, not distracting (in fact Jillian fans will recognize it). The music is upbeat and current. The cast includes Jackie and a few of her trainers: Jesse, Rebecca, Renessa, and Agostina. You can tell these people like their workouts! Just looking at these trainers will motivate you, seriously.
One thing that is great about this DVD is that not only does Jackie tell you what move is next, but it shows the cues for the exercise on screen. If you're about to do mountain climbers, the screen says mountain climbers, I liked that.
Upper Body:
This 20 minute segment starts with a brief warmup and then alternates between strength moves and cardio. You will do three or four strength moves with hand weights such as: bent over rows, alternating curls, etc each for a full minute. Then you move on to a cardio move, or sometimes two moves, which you will do for a minute. As Jackie says, "You can do anything for a minute." Last, you will stretch. Beginners just go light on the weights and slow it down if you have to. Go easy on the cardio too if you need to, your focus should be to just keep moving. And, of course, if you're more advanced up your weights a little and kick it up on the cardio.
Lower Body:
Again, here you will do a warmup then alternate between strength moves and cardio. For strength you will do moves like: squats, front lunges, box squats, etc for a minute each. Then move to cardio moves like: frog hops and military knee-ups for a minute. Some moves use just body weight and some they add handweights also. Beginners will want to ditch the hand weights or go very light. Also, you may want to go a little slower and not as deep into the moves. Better to keep moving and do all the moves than do two and stop. At the end, you stretch the lower body muscles.
Here you will start with a warm up of those core muscles. Next you move onto a mixture of core exercises and cardio. For core exercises you will do: various crunches, planks, etc. Cardio in this section is moves like: mountain climbers, half burpees. I strangely enjoyed the penguin heel tap, the clam, and scissor. At the end you will stretch out your core. Beginners will really want to watch Ranessa here, especially with moves like mountain climbers, plank, etc. There are some challenging exercises and she modifies them for you. Slow them down even more if you have to, the important thing is form and to keep moving!

Special Features:
Recommendations-their recommendations for this workout.
Quick Diet Tips From Jackie-5 diet tips from Jackie Warner.
Trailers-Biggest Loser Trailer and Denise Austin.
I do this workout all together and really love the variety in it. The clean set and trainers moving together with perfect form makes it easy to focus on what we need to be doing here. I enjoy the music and the trainers. Jackie encourages you to challenge yourself whatever your fitness level and to keep moving for the entire minute of each exercise. Her explanations on form are excellent and easy to follow. This is a tough workout; you will feel it and you will sweat. But stick with it, this is what we're here for. I've had it since it came out and it is one of my top 5. People who enjoy Jillian will like Jackie. As I said, five stars for being a really solid workout. Highly recommend.
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