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Body Fat Analysis

184 lbs January 21, 2010               185 lbs December 21, 2009
Sorry, the after is first and the before is second, oops.

OK, everyone kept saying they saw differences in these pictures, and I did not. I kept telling myself: oh, it's just because I had on a yellow shirt in the first one taken, and a purple in the second pic taken; or, oh hubby just didn't get zoomed in the same on both; or, oh I cropped the yellow shirt one more, that's why.

So, I cropped them as similar as I could and set them side by side to analyze. Hard to do objectively, since it's me, but here goes.

  1. First thing I notice is that in the yellow shirt my belly is bigger than the girls. So my belly has definitely lost some fat. (the girls, not so much, grr)
  2. The second thing I notice is my posture seems better in the purple shirt. I notice the little nobby shoulder muscles I've talked about before.
  3. My hips actually look smaller in the purple shirt pic. Cool.
  4. My arms may be a bit smaller in the purple shirt pic. Hard to tell since they're to the back in both.
  5. I think my thighs look a bit smaller in the purple shirt pic. Wow.

OK, so what have I learned from this little exercise? 

Well, I realize that even though it was only a pound lost in that month I have obviously had some change in body composition; ie lost fat and gained muscle. But I had a need to know this for sure.

In comes my latest Amazon purchase. I have wanted one for a while. So I saved up and when the price went down, I snagged it.
A body fat analyzer.

I'm so thrilled with it. I've been tracking my body fat percentage with it since late January and have seen changes there even when the scale didn't move.

January 25 my body fat percentage was 35% (I know, eep). 

Today my body fat percentage is 33%.

I'll take it! Fat loss is what is important, not 'weight' on the scale. The scale doesn't care if it's new muscle, water, or peanuts!

So, I'm enjoying my new toy, and learning along the way. That's what it's all about.

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