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Fabulous Friend Friday: Guest Post Edition

Happy Friday everyone! For my last Fabulous Friend Friday I thought I'd have a guest post. So, please welcome Evita from Coffee Table Cookbook.

My Escape: The Gym
by Evita

Most people like to schedule their “me” time by curling up with a good book or lounging on the couch and relaxing while watching TV. I like to go to the gym.

Working out is a big part of my life and I get pure enjoyment from every visit. Highlights include meeting the pre-programmed goals on my heart rate monitor, obtaining an ultra soft towel fresh out of the dryer, free healthy food samples, and don’t get me started on how much entertainment I get from watching my husband lunge in a roomful of ladies.

Being able to fit a scheduled class into my day is what I strive for. I’ll come home from the gym and immediately start talking about Betty (not real name) who is getting married next month or Lisa (also a fictitious name) who is pregnant as if they are my close friends or possibly even grand celebrities. In reality, these are group fitness class instructors at my local gym who I, for some strange reason, get all giddy around like they are on a superior level of stardom. Maybe this could be because I view them as heroes who are living out my dream job: getting paid to workout.  

I also never realized until recently (thanks to my husband) that I typically run late for every meeting, appointment, and gathering. But when it comes to my beloved fitness classes, I seem to make every effort to not only be on time, but actually early in order to secure a stellar spot and properly set up my equipment. May I also point out that my husband moves at the speed of molasses when he accompanies me on the days that I have a gym appointment. (I guess I now know what he feels like the other 98% of the time when he’s waiting for me).   

Let me also draw a bit of attention to the girls that I see who get all dolled up to workout. Their hair looks pretty and their makeup actually looks intact as they talk on their cell phones and walk on the treadmill at a glacial pace. I, on the other hand, don’t look so attractive. I attempt to sweat to the point that I am not tempted to stop and run errands on the way home. I am there on a mission to torch calories and build some ladylike muscle. 

So, here’s a shout out to my fellow fitness ladies who have the same mission to maintain a healthy workout regimen while keeping up with life. 

I am glad to accept guest posts, anyone who may be interested can email me at with their topic. As bloggers I think we have an awesome community and I love to support other bloggers. I treasure you all as friends and thank you for all you do for me. I strive to return the support, love, and encouragement!

Thanks Evita! Everyone check out her awesome blog and have a wonderful Friday!