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Cheribundi Review

The wonderful folks from Cheribundi sent me a four pack of their cherry juices to try. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and I receive no compensation for this review.

Now when I got their email I was like, sure, I'll try it. But in the back of my mind I was a little unsure. I love fresh cherries, but I don't love cherry flavored things, or even cooked cherry things, like cherry pie at Thanksgiving, blech.

This however I loved. I give the Tru Cherry and Whey Cherry Four stars and the Skinny Cherry I happily give Five stars.

A little info from

 cheribundi™ starts as Montmorency cherries grown in Michigan and New York orchards. We use a proprietary juicing process that was developed with Cornell University to make a drink that retains all the power and benefits of the nutrients and antioxidants found in the little round fruits. cheribundi™ has more disease-fighting antioxidants than other juices and has been tested in the lab and field by athletes and people who just work out. Because cheribundi™ is all-natural and not from concentrate, it's a feel-better and live-healthier addition to your lifestyle.

The Montmorency cherries we use are all grown in the USA (Michigan and New York, to be exact). They taste better and have more powerful phytonutrients than other superfruits. That includes the trendy pomegranate, the imported acai berry, or grapes and blueberries. Rich with nutrients, tart cherries can help you recover from exercise and sleep better, in general, live life to the fullest because you feel better. Instead of eating 50 cherries a day, you can get the same benefits by drinking cheribundi™.

You can visit to learn about all the benefits tart cherries may hold.

OK, first the Tru Cherry. 8 oz has 130 calories. A little high for me. It doesn't however have added sugar, bonus. Apple Juice Concentrate is the only sweetener listed. I have gone completely off sugar, so I like that. My kids loved it. I would buy it for the occasional treat for them. I don't generally like for us to drink our calories, but I consider this healthy and plain old water gets old sometimes.

Next, the Whey Cherry. This one has 160 calories for 8 oz. Again, high for me as just a drink. I liked it though. Whey Cherry has 8 grams of protein too. The added whey protein wasn't bad tasting to me. I used it as a recovery drink after my last a merry workout pledge. This is probably the only way I would use it because of the highish calories. As a quick, on the go, no time to make a smoothie recovery drink.

Last, but certainly, as my favorite, not least the Skinny Cherry. This one only has 90 calories per 8 oz. The only ingredients are tart cherry juice, water, and stevia. LOVE it. I like the taste, liked the nutritional info, liked everything about it. For me, I would buy the Skinny Cherry as an alternative when I get bored with water. Or as a replacement for a sports drink on longer runs. I absolutely love that it has stevia. Plus, all the great benefits of the tart cherries, what's not to love?!

So, there you have it...have you ever tried Cheribundi? What do you think?