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The 4-Hour Body--Week 2 Results

14 days down on The 4-Hour Body I in love? Not so much. First the results:

Starting Weight: 180  Week 1 Weight: 179            Week 2: 178
Starting Body Fat %: 33.3 Week 1 BF %: 32.3        Week 2: 32.2
Starting BMI: 29          Week 1: BMI 28.9                Week 2: 28.7
Right 12 3/4" Left 12 1/2"              Week 1:same   Week 2: same
Waist(at belly button): 37 1/2"     Week 1:37 1/4  Week 2: same
Hips: 44"                                         Week 1:same  Week 2: 43 1/2"
Legs(mid thigh): Right 22" Left 22" Week 1:same   Week 2: same

Don't get me wrong, that is some slow and steady progress. Sensible even. BUT, there is nothing sensible about this plan. There is nothing slow in the claims this book makes. This eating plan is strict, and there is a lot to remember, not to mention the supplements I've shelled out for. For a pound a week? I could happily do that on some other plan and eat my fruit and Coach's Oats too! (can you tell what I've been craving? lol) Yes, I'm having my doubts about this.

Wanting to give this book a fair trial run I went back through the suggestions for common mistakes in the book and tweeted with some 4 hour bodiers on twitter. From there I have tweaked a few things I was doing 'wrong', mainly not getting protein within an hour of waking. I am also ditching the cream in my coffee, which *gasp* means ditching the coffee on all days except my higher calorie day. I am going to give this one more week. Then, if results are still snail's pace, I'm over it.