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Gym Plans!

The nearest gym to my home is about 30 minutes away. The nearest really cool gym is about 40 minutes. I don't go to the gym. Never have. OK, not since college when it was free.

I workout at home. I workout in my tiny little living room. I run on my treadmill. I run outside weather permitting. These have been my options.

Not terrible options really, but I seriously have workout gear stashed in every place imaginable. My treadmill is stashed in a corner of my bedroom. My weights, weighted vest, resistance bands and weight gloves, in a corner of the living room. My stationary bike is in the kids toy room. My Polar HR monitor is currently residing in a drawer in the bathroom where my sweaty bands, etc live. My TV hutch is shoved full with workout DVDs and my jump rope and ankle weights are in my makeup table/dresser in my room. My stability ball is in my office. And there may be a pair of running shoes in virtually every room.

It works for me, I am grateful that I have all of this equipment, but I crave a place dedicated to working out. To not have to have workout gear stashed in every nook and cranny. 

Do you hear the hallelujah chorus rising in the background? I'm going to get my wish!

A few years ago we added an addition onto our house (which was built in 1918 and has small awkward rooms). Just a small one, really, but all three levels. We made the kitchen bigger, our bedroom bigger, and added a bathroom upstairs. And then, there is the basement part. None of our basement is finished. It's just sort of there, in a creepy really old house sort of way. We added on to it in hopes of adding more living space, but have never done anything with it. We've decided that the old portion of the unfinished basement will be finished into a lego room (seriously we NEED one, not joking), bathroom, and new laundry room and the new part...all 11x18 of it...GYM! Wooooooot!

I am not sure when we'll start, soon I hope! I'll keep you all posted on the progress, I think pics and videos will be in order.

So this little workout freak is now dreaming up what to add to my new gym. How to lay it out...flooring, punching bags, and pull-up bars...oh my! What are must have home gym essentials? What equipment do you have and love? Suggestions??