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Adventures in Coffee--Keurig Special Edition B60 Review

Today I'm going to talk about one of my loves in life: Coffee. If you follow me on twitter I'm sure you're well aware of this passion. In fact, when Klout listed Coffee as one of my influential topics I was just plain happy. For my birthday I finally took the leap and bought what I've been drooling over for quite some time now...
What I ordered:
Coffee People Dark Roast Variety Pack included Wake-Up Call, Black Tiger, Jet Fuel, and Coffee People Organic. These were the teen's fav.
Green Mountain Extra Bold Sampler which included Kenyan AA Extra Bold, Double Black Diamond Extra Bold, Dark Magic Extra Bold, Fair Trade Organic Espresso Blend (one of my favs).
Emeril's Big Easy Bold (also in my favs)
And what I got for my 35th birthday. Spoiled. LOL. Some might think it's weird that I ordered my own birthday present, but it sure takes a load of stress off hubby.

Why I love my Keurig:
  1. It makes GREAT coffee. 'Nuff said.
  2. There are 3 coffee drinkers in my house. Hubby, me, and our 17 year old son. We all get up at different times and want coffee ready at different times. We also have different tastes in coffee! This solves all of those problems.
  3. Coffee is ready much faster than my old coffee pot. Seriously, the thing took DAYS to make a pot of coffee.
What I don't love about my Keurig:
  1. So, trying to be balanced here I want to come up with some cons, but for ME there really aren't any. I guess the only thing I can come up with is: if I had it to do over I would probably get the B70 with the bigger water reservoir. Because we are such big coffee drinkers around here.
  1. Shipping. Yep, shipping is a big deal to me. First, I hate paying for shipping and they have free shipping over $60. Second, I hate slooooow shipping and their shipping was very fast, even though it was free! Love that.
  2. Their twitter presence. OK, I'm a sucker for a company that gets twitter. Those companies that are the hard sell, tweeting you links, ignoring you and overall NOT getting twitter, not so much. Coffee House Express gets it. They banter, they answer my questions (like 'hubby hates my extra bold coffee choices, what should I get for a wimpy coffee lover?), they're great. Companies really need to learn that twitter and social media in general is where the customers are!
  3. Their selection. Now that I'm ready to buy more k-cups I'm having a ball searching through all the different kinds and picking some new ones to try. Happy coffee freak. They carry WAY more than just K-cups too.
How about you, do you share my coffee LOVE?

And now, I'm off to go make a sensational cup of coffee....

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Coffee House Express  contacted me and offered my readers a 5% discount on Kcups! Use code: KCUP5