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Primal Grocery Haul

I went grocery shopping over the weekend.
I actually bought more fruit than this, but just took a pic of what I put out. I store the extra in the crisper drawer. I find my kids eat it better if I put some out though.

I made a huge grocery shopping trip last week so we didn't need much, just a few things to fill in for this week's menus. Plus the fresh stuff like fruits and veggies. Of course we have our own chickens for eggs and raise our own beef, so those things are always stocked around here.
Thought I'd try out this seltzer water since it was on sale. My teen and I are sort of obsessed with the Wholly Guacamole 100 cal packs right now. I was sort of distraught to find out that my King Soopers is no longer carrying Jay Robb Protein!
I also walked almost 9 miles total over the weekend (Yay me). My friend and I just get to gabbing and get that distance in! It's so nice to have someone to make the time go by quicker. 

What did you do for the weekend?