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Body After Baby 7 Weeks Postpartum - Lurking Bad Habits

This is the second version of today's post. The first version I just deleted. It was full of this is what I did wrong last week, this is why my stats are exactly the same as they've been, and this is what I'm going to do different this week.

All fine and good, BUT...

I noticed myself in the bathroom this morning looking in the mirror and despising what I saw.

Not OK.

The last week I've noticed I've been obsessing about my calories, the scale, and my lack of progress.

Not OK.

It's true that I don't feel like myself right now, at this weight. It's true that I'm a little frustrated that I've leveled off; I expected to be steadily (even if slowly) losing weight already. But regressing into old bad habits? 

Not OK.

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It's interesting how quickly these things I'd thought I'd completely conquered have raised their ugly heads. It seems that I've allowed being overweight again to transport me back to my old unhealthy mindsets. 

Self-loathing? I beat that demon ages ago. Right? Yet, there I was looking in the mirror and hating on myself this morning.

Scale obsession? Psssh. Completely gotten over that. And yet I found myself jumping on the scale daily this past week. Not just getting on the scale, but letting what it said affect my mood and how I felt about myself.

Freaking out about every little calorie? I overcame that when I went Paleo two years ago! Yet, here I was this week. Obsessing away.

Wow. Time to check myself.

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This week: I'm taking a step back. 

This week: I'm going to get my head right again.

I'll workout when and how I feel like it. I will be sticking to The 21 Day Sugar Detox (which is going very well), but I won't be tracking my food. 

Bottom line: weight loss isn't worth losing the me I've fought so long and so hard to become.

We always have choices. Image via Pinterest.